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    any ways to improve?

    Round Pick Player Position
    1. (3) Jos? Reyes SS
    2. (18) Lance Berkman 1B,OF
    3. (23) Erik Bedard SP
    4. (38) Justin Morneau 1B
    5. (43) Josh Beckett SP
    6. (58) Ian Kinsler 2B
    7. (63) Torii Hunter OF
    8. (78) Takashi Saito RP
    9. (83) Mike Lowell 3B
    10. (98) Tim Lincecum SP
    11. (103) Chris Young SP
    12. (118) Jacoby Ellsbury OF
    13. (123) James Shields SP
    14. (138) Shaun Marcum SP,RP
    15. (143) Geovany Soto C
    16. (158) Ra?l Iba?ez OF
    17. (163) Mark Buehrle SP
    18. (178) Kevin Youkilis 1B,3B
    19. (183) Orlando Cabrera SS
    20. (198) Troy Percival RP
    21. (203) Jos? Guill?n OF
    22. (218) Zack Greinke SP,RP
    23. (223) Jason Giambi 1B
    24. (238) Aaron Hill 2B

    10 TEAM H2H

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    • I'd drop Ellsbury for a Mark Teahen or of the like. My only advice would be to wait to draft pitching until later in the draft. There's tons of good young pitching, and you can always pick up the overachievers along the way. But your team ins't too bad at all. You should be fine.

    • Pretty solid team, except for 3rd base. I have 2 pieces of advise. 1. The first 13 players drafted (Except Lowell), do not make the rookie mistake and drop any of these guys if they don't prodcue the first month. They were ranked that high for a reason. 2. Don't get suckered in trades. Someone in the first month will offer you an outfielder hitting .380 with obscene numbers that he never came close to in the minors for your Justin Morneau who's only hitting .220 in April. Research the players you have and those you wish to acquire. It's a nice simple start. As the season goes on, you'll have the time to aquaint yourself with the other players in the league. It's a growing progress so start with what you got.
      Good Luck

    • Your team is not that bad. i would try to package 3B Lowell with Cabrerra or something and upgrade in the OF.
      C SOTO (good value there)
      1B Mournue (if he plays like last season good enough)
      2B Ian kinsler (top 5 2B)
      SS Reyes (#2 SS)
      3B Youlillis (servicable)
      OF Berkman & Hunter and then not much
      pitchin is strong. try not to deal much of it away ti improve at OF.

    • Very important lessons to learn as a Rookie:
      1. The waiver wire and free agents are your friends.
      2. You can't really predict what will happen. Some guy will always play way better than is predicted by experts and some guy will always play much worse.
      4. Build on strength, don't trade it away for no reason. (see the first answer you got to this post)
      5. Don't panic! Do NOT drop players with a rank under or around 100 just because they are having a bad month. But, don't be afraid to drop them if they suck for months on end.

      This is a fun game. Don't take it too seriously. I could pick apart your team and say 'this or that guy sucks' but the reality is that you drafted just fine. I really like some picks, don't like others - but just because I like/don't like some players doesn't mean you should get rid of them. Its late. I can't sleep. Surfing on my friends computer....
      Read, consider, think about things you are about to do. Wait a month to make sure you have scoring figured out before doing major moves. Trust me. I am an expert. (I kid! I kid!, there are no experts - even the experts get things wrong.)

    • Na looks like a good team

    • your hitting is bad, and your pitching is strong. trade bedard for a better 3b. maybe a 2b too.


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