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  • Tom M Tom M Mar 4, 2008 2:04 PM Flag

    How good is this team?

    This is for a 12-team dynasty league, where the first draft is the only draft. All moves are made through trades and free agency, you keep the players you have year-after-year. Rate my team please.

    C - Joe Mauer
    1B - Mark Teahan
    2B - BJ Upton
    3B - Ryan Zimmerman
    SS - Hanley Ramirez
    LF - Adam Dunn
    CF - Curtis Granderson
    RF - Nick Markakis

    BN - Aramis Ramirez
    BN - Michael Cuddyer
    BN - Ronny Paulino
    BN - Nate McClouth
    BN - Chad Tracy
    BN - Yuniesky Betancourt

    SP - Matt Cain
    SP - Rich Harden
    SP - Matt Garza
    SP - Ubaldo Jimenez
    SP - Boof Bonser
    RP - Brian Wilson
    RP - Greg Acquino
    RP - CJ Wilson
    RP - Al Reyes

    BN - Chris Carpenter
    BN - Randy Johnson
    BN - Andrew Miller
    BN - Homer Bailey
    BN - Joel Zumaya

    This league has HOLDS as a category. And i filled my entire offense before going to pitching, and focused on young players with hopefull bright futures. I'm hoping Carpenter comes back to his old form next year, and Johnson does this year... Got them in rounds 27 and 28 anyways...



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