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  • Crusher Crusher Feb 12, 2008 2:20 PM Flag

    Need good managers....Please read !!


    Need about 6 more good managers for a competitive and interesting League. See below

    Welcome to the ANM Baseball Points League for 2008,

    I have chosen this format over Rotisserie because it
    is easier to understand while being just as much fun.

    The League will field 20 teams with no playoffs. The
    Point Leader at end of season will be the Champion.

    As soon as League is filled the Draft Date/Time will be set
    and announced. Live Draft with Auto Draft used if you are
    unable to participate live.

    Roster is set for 25 players, same as the majors. Don't whine there aren't enough good players. We need 500 players and baseball has 750 + IR list players on rosters. Make good selections and we will see who can find the players having breakout years and the hot rookies this season.

    Re: League Settings

    ......MAX MOVES: 81 (That's an average of 1 every other
    day to allow roster changes within reasonable limits)

    ......MAX TRADES: 6 (That's 1 per month March thru August
    with trading ending August 24th)

    ......CAN'T CUT LIST: None (You won't be stuck with a "dud"
    player because of injury or having off season)

    ......MAX GAMES PLAYED: 162 per position (A no-brainer)

    ......MAX INNINGS PITCHED: 1800 (Based on 1 Quality start of 6 IP and 5 IP RP per 162 games -1782- rounded up)

    ......STAT CATEGORIES: 10 Hit 10 Pitch (Catagories such as ERA...BA...OBP...WHIP not avail in Yahoo! Points Format)

    ......STAT MODIFIERS: ER -1 BB -1 (Both of these catagories
    are negatives that reduce your pounts for that day

    So Good Luck To All !!

    Let's have some good trash talk but "keep it clean"

    Da Commish


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