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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 8, 2008 12:46 PM Flag

    $$$$ League... If u are intersted...

    Hey man, heres info on my league if your interested.

    Ive started a 16 team Dynasty League. The draft will be an auction draft. 5 Minor League spots.

    Ive tried to keep this league as realistic to running an MLB club as possible. That said there may be a couple rules your not used to. There is a salary cap. You can go over it, but just like in MLB, youll have to pay a luxury tax. If you want to be steinbrenner and the yankees, and spend spend spend, by all means go for it. If you want to try to win with a budget team, a la the Colorado Rockies, thats your choice.

    Players have contracts, salaries, arbitration, all just like in the majors. Its up to you to manage to build a winning team all while managing salaries and knowing when a player has become too expensive - let him try the free agent market (You might get him cheaper that way).

    Entry fee is $108 ($100 to the prize pool, $8 for sportslines cost). Plenty of ways to win your cash back...

    $50 For rookie of the year
    $50 For division winners
    $50 For cy young
    $50 For mvp
    $100 to manager of the year (voted on by the league, cant vote for your own team)
    $700 for League Champ
    $300 for runner up

    Any Luxury Tax collected will be split like this:
    $100 to the team with the lowest payroll
    75/25% split of the remainder between the champ and runner up respectively

    In anycase, we have 3 openings left... Email me at Chuk@britishrecords.net if you are interested and Ill get you an invite.


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