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  • David David Feb 6, 2008 9:01 PM Flag

    keeper leagues..?

    Could someone explain the deal with keeper leagues to me. Can you start/play in keeper leagues in Free Fantasy Baseball or is it just for the Paid Fantasy Baseball? I can't seem to figure out how to make a keeper league in Free Fantasy Baseball if there is a way please let me know.

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    • A keeper league can only be started by a commissioner who know show to maintain a keeper league. It costs nothing to play, it doesnt involve playing in a yahoo fantasy baseball plus league, it does involve your keeper league commissioner to maintain your keeper players from season to season. I have been running keeper leagues for 5 years and if you would like to know anything else, please send an email to "thetwinsarein4@yahoo.com"


      Charlie F. Tubbs Commissioner

    • Keeper leagues are easier if you are in a plus league because they have automated draft features that make a live draft easier. However it is not necessary to be in a plus league to have a keeper league. All that is necessary is a group of dedicated owners that want to make it happen, and at least one to keep things straight. WIth the archieved leagues page its alot easier then it was in the past as well. Really all you need is to decide the number of people involved, the league rules (scoring used and perhaps some rules in place for other instances...my plus league has around a four page rule book...its plus for the scoring not because its a keeper league) and then some place where people can gather in the off-season to discuss trades or be notified when the league is active. I like Yahoo groups for that. The most important thing though is getting the right group together. You could have the best most well thought out league, but without the right people it will be garbage.

    • The jibberish that you have just read is completely false. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY to play in, stay in or start a yahoo fantasy baseball kepper league. I have been running keeper leagues for 5 years now and NO ONE pays a penny.

      I have spots open if your interested.

    • You can do a keeper in the free leagues. Simply set how many keepers each owner is to keep then when the next season rolls around you ask the owners to email you there keepers from their rosters the previous season.

    • I'm in the same rut as you, I believe it's only a "built-in" feature with PLUS leagues. Otherwise you have to come up with your own manual way to do it in a free league (i.e. have everyone pick their respective keepers in the first however many rounds). Pretty stupid it's only a PLUS option.

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      • Keeper leagues arnt in plus leagues been doing them for 5 seasons now and no one pays a penny. If you would like to join a relieable one, read on.

        Please send an email to thetwinsarein4@yahoo.com You better bring your A game. My keeper leagues have been going for 5 years and these guys dont play softball. I have unique rules and drafting styles so the sooner the better space is filling up fast. 3 spots open to take over a predrafted roster of keepers.

        Charlie F. Tubbs League Commissioner

      • Actually, it is pretty smart if they can get you to pay for it!

        The previous answer is correct from my experience and I have played in several keeper leagues. Having the owners draft correctly during the keeper portion of the draft is the key.

        It has worked fine in my leagues.


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