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  • Jppwildman Jppwildman Feb 6, 2008 4:37 PM Flag

    Dynasty league

    This is a dynasty league that is forming this season. It will work under a salary cap with minor leaguers. Very fun with a trist for someone who likes to form and build a winner.

    for info on league with rules email jppwildman@yahoo.com

    I just want to make sure i get active managers.

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    • I'm looking for another Keeper or Dynasty league. Main profile: impalasports. Secondary: makeupguy05 and oldguy1976 (this one). I'm currently in three dynasty and three keeper leagues. I also run a group called Broadway sports group. E-mail me me back here if your interetsed. I'll look at the settings and see if your league fits what I'm looking to join (limited room you know!). Thanks for your time, Bob Hoffman

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      • DRAFT
        We will hold a yearly minor league draft. 5 Rounds.

        A minor leaguer is defined as any batter with less than 300 ab's at the MLB level or a pitcher with less than 130 ip's AND less than 50 appearances.

        Once you have placed a minor leaguer on your minor league roster he can stay there as long as you want. You may move a minor leaguer back and forth between your MLB and MiLB rosters as many times as you like as long ast the player is under the eligibility limits listed above. You may not send a player down to your minors once they have exceeded the limits. If you call a minor leaguer up to your MLB roster and his salary is reflected at that moment. It stays on your book as long as he is on your team on the yahoo board and you move him back to your minor league roster on this board.

        PLAYOFFS = Yahoo! seedings

        The commish has final say on the league rules, trade review and league disputes.

        If you go over the salary cap. The last move you did will be undone by commish and you lose your highest avail pick in the draft for that following season's draft.


        League Format: Head2Head
        Teams: 16
        Player Universe: AL & NL
        Schedule: Yahoo!
        Website host: Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

        24 man MLB roster + 2 DL spots
        6 man MiLB roster

        SALARY CAP
        $80 MLB salary cap
        Minor league players salary will be added to your salary cap when you call them up. Value is where the player ranks. He is given a 2 year contract upon his call up which will be voided if he is sent back to the minors which will only cost you while he is in the majors on your roster.


        HITTING: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG,

        Players may be resigned by their original team when their contracts expire. We will use the players O-Rank on yahoo to determine their resigning value. (See table below)

        O-Rank - Signing Value
        1-10 - $7 F.A. 5 YEARS
        11-50 - $6 F.A. 4 YEARS
        51-75 -$5 F.A. 3 YEARS
        76-100 - $4 F.A. 2 YEARS
        100-199 - $3 F.A. 2 YEAR2
        200-280 - $2 F.A. 1 YEAR
        281+ - $1 F.A. 1 YEAR


        Every team can make 1 free agent bid on any availble player from any team. Just 1 player so make it count. To take another teams player you must give the second best contract FOR THAT RANKING PLAYER example: $6 and 4 years. Original team has option of offering max contract. Example: $7 and 5 years. If you take a player you will give your 1st round pick to the team of the player you take unless said player was released to free agency.

        You may resign a maximum of 5 of your free agents per year. Signing free agents through the avail player list is unlimited. The 5 only counts to renewing contracts. This is to make teams change every so often.

        FREE AGENT BIDDING DEADLINE = End of Regular Season

        You may give a player his unconditional release at any time by paying him 50% of the remaining salary on his contract all at once. The entire amount would count toward the current years salary cap. The player then goes into the free agent pool.

        BUY-OUT DEADLINE = Major League Allstar Game

        If at any time you wish to free up a spot on your roster you may waive one of your current players. Do this by posting the players name here on the board in the waivers section of the board.

        Once you place a player on waivers he will be removed from your team on yahoo by the commish. However, this does not remove him from your roster here on the message board. You are still responsible to pay the players salary from your salary cap...simply move him to the bottom of your roster post under waivers or put waiver in brackets next to his name.

        Any player placed on waivers may be claimed by another team as long as that team has a roster spot and enough cap to pay the player. If your player is claimed by another team you may remove him from your roster post and you are no longer responsible for paying his salary.

        WAIVER DEADLINE = End of the Regular Season

        There is a 30IP minimum if you fail to reach it you lose all your pitching matchups for the week.



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