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  • The Infamous The Infamous Feb 6, 2008 3:31 PM Flag

    First Time As A Commish...

    it's the number of innings a team must pitch to get points in the match-up. if it is not reached than they forfeit all pitching points.

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    • Ok thanks but one more question. Whats normal? I set it as 6. Is that ok?

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      • How many teams are you fielding? How many SPs, RPs, and Ps are on each roster?

        Give an example, I was in a PLUS league fielding 2 SP, 2 RP, and 3 P positions, and my minimum each week was 35 innings pitched.

        6 is way too low and will induce some GMs to sit their starters and just go with their stud closers or RPs to get to 6 in a week.

        Really depends on your flavor. Higher innings will breed competitiveness and not allow GMs to sit out SPs too often. Low innings will do the what I mentioned above.

        You also need to consider the other pitching stat categories to come up with the right blend of fairness and competitiveness.

        Hope this helps, good luck Commish!


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