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  • DKM DKM Apr 15, 2014 7:30 PM Flag

    Extra Games?

    I'm in a league that limits games by position. One guy had 1 game left in his UTIL position, but had 2 guys starting and playing in the UTIL slot. How does Yahoo determine which player's game counts? In this case, we are in a dogfight over FG% (now separated by .000006), and his UTIL guy in the first slot (Taj Gibson) shot 1/5 and the guy in the second slot (Kyle O'Quin) shot 9/11. What happened is that Yahoo counted BOTH games (I calculated it out several times), leaving this owner with an EXTRA GAME in his UTIL slot (165 instead of 164). The problem, of course, is that if it stands or if Yahoo only counts the first slot, I win FG%, but if only the second slot counts, the other guy takes the category. In addition, the game for the second slot was actually played first.......So, what is it? Do both games count (Doesn't seem right to me to get an extra game)? Or is it the first slot? Or the first of the two games played?

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