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  • King King Jan 27, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    Kerry and Bennett are one in the same

    How sad that he I mean she comes on here and types under two names just to make it look like someone backs up their stupidity.

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    • Got it wrong, just a lot of people love to disagree with you.

    • Collecting your own Fan Base here,King!

    • We can add Bao to this. Funny how you have no posts Bao in basketball, but the first thing you do is talk #$%$ about me? How desperate are you people to sign in under different accounts just to talk #$%$?

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      • What a paranoid fool, King you #$%$ clown you probably gonna claim that the men in black suits and sungl#$%$es are after you as well! Accusing three different people of being the same person...lol...didn't it ever occur to you that people just seeing you run your mouth all the time with all the diarrhea you litter the message board with

      • You aren't very bright are you, don't you get it? It isn't a single individual, it is numerous people that you have made wild accusations about. THEY DON"T LIKE YOU, so they go out of their way to return the favor of your enchanting conversations about how dumb they are. You have still not answered the question I put to you last week, have you, how many times have you picked up the highest rated player on the waiver wire over someone else further down? If your rankings are so damn important then you should "always" pick the top guy listed. BUT they aren't and you know it I'd wager that 80% of the time you pick up a lower rated player because he has the "fact" stat that you need. Admit it Guarantee you this, when it comes to the playoffs "millions" of fantasy players will be looking at the real stats to win certain categories and NOT overall rankings "especially" when they begin streaming players.

    • First of all, your WILD accusations are wrong and WACKY. I am not this other person you seem to be having a fight with, even though in your tiny little head you have made it so. No you simply like to put people down with your constant badgering with your evaluation of the stat line vs their opinion of the stat line. That is why people DON'T like you and go out of their way to look for a reason to disagree with your interpretation of the stat line. You aren't a very likable person on the BLOGs because you ask for help then belittle many of those that do respond. GROW UP

    • There we go King! No more LMFAO's or LOL's just good ol' smash mouth trash talk. I have my popcorn and i'm ready for more. You 2 go for it!


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