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  • Kerry Kerry Jan 23, 2014 9:27 PM Flag

    Best NBA Player Ever

    My pick is Wilt Chamberlain - here are my reasons

    1) 100 points in a game
    2) 55 rebounds in a game
    3) 26 Blocks in a game
    4) Averaged over 50 points per game for an entire season (1961-62)
    5) One season he led the league in assists (702)
    6) Won 4 MVPs, 7 scoring titles, 11 rebounding titles, XX block titles, didn't track blocks then)
    7) Rookie of the Year
    8) 2 Time NBA champion and Finals MVP
    9) Made playoffs every year but ONE in his career

    Let me interpret it a little. In the 100 point game the Knicks stalled to keep him from achieving 100 points and there was NO shot clock. Imagine being the other team during the 26 block night, you'd probably feel lucky if your shot hit the backboard or rim. 55 rebounds in a game, he must have grabbed every single rebound in the game, try to imagine that, every single rebound. Here is a guy that could obviously play defense because of the dual threat of stopping the shot before the rim and getting the ball if it makes it to the rim, amazing if you think about it. So he jumps to block the ball and if he misses the ball then he comes down and still gets the rebound, holy mother of god. Having 100 points in a game and so many scoring titles also demonstrates he could play offense. So he played both sides of the floor and had to be the focus of every teams defensive strategy, imagine how tiring that would be. Both Russell and Kareem say Wilt was the BEST EVER. Hard to disagree with the number unless you are one of those people say the ring is the thing, well let me ask you this, could Russell have gotten that many rings with any other team AND/OR how many rings could Wilt of had if he had played at Boston? Well I've said my piece, you may now pick it apart.

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