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  • David Vest David Vest Jan 23, 2014 2:02 PM Flag

    Roster Changes--Neccessary or Not

    12 team h2h cat 9 daily! Roster is: R.Jackson,Lawson,Meeks,W.Matthews,W.Chandler,Hawes,Henson,Sanders,Amir.J.,J.Butler and vucevic,C.Paul and Bledsoe out with injuries! Week 10 was in 1st,week, week 12 2nd and after this week probably 4th or 5th. Been taking a hit but felt I could do that and then rebound later with a full roster. Beginning to think I can't hold much longer. Also Hawes now dealing with finger issues. FA's are: Dunleavy,Taj,Blatche,Beverely,Derr.Williams,R.Kelly and M.Williams(Portland). 1) NO TRADES have happened in this league ALL SEASON so that's not an option here. Have already tried. 2)Do I continue to hold Bledsoe. Think league is waiting for drops from me. 3) Replace anybody on my roster with FA's listed. Thanks and any POSITIVE opinions welcomed!

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    • Sounds like Bledsoe will "try" and make it make for the regular season, but that is NBA timeframes and not fantasy timeframes, which is at least 3 weeks before the end of the regular season. Drop him, I've been seeing more of it as the season shortens in the leagues I play. I've held on to Vucevic because it is only a concussion BUT this does seem worse than the average concussion so it is up in the air when he'll be back but when he does if he is full strength you have a double double machine. And the EASY one is to hang on to Paul. Blatche just had a monster night and is playing well, grab him along with Dunleavy who also just had a big night with 7 threes. Derrick Williams is one to watch because both Gay and Cousins got hurt and it sounds like both are a bit serious even though both are listed as day to day. Beverly isn't worth your time and neither is Mo. Taj is up and down depending or Boozer, don't like him much.

    • BTW: I just dropped Amir J. for Taj! Felt a change was necessary and Taj is getting more PT and playing well. Any other changes you see are welcomed!

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      • Short term I would consider picking up Derrick Williams but also depends how long Rudy Gay might be out for. But Long term you are going to need to find replacements for Jackson and Meeks when Westbrook and Kobe come back. I think you should hold Bledsoe until you hear reports. He would help you a lot for the playoffs. How many teams make the playoffs? are you in danger of not making it?


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