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  • King King Jan 19, 2014 2:54 PM Flag

    Bennett and Kelly are the same person.

    Now that is funny stuff. Schmoe

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    • Little boy, what are you talking about? I really tried to wash my hands with this whole thing...You said your last piece and just as I was about to say my rebutle, I realized there was really no point and that you could have the last word and as long as its done its done.
      Even after I saw you type a comment on another post talking behind my back...I still didnt reply. King, you wore me down...I cant keep reading your relentless drive of the same point.
      Just let it go. Stop being so petty.
      You truly single handedly ruined the fun of the message boards. And the fact that you truly stalked me, not "stalked" in the way you called David, but in the way that you looked up my FACEBOOK page and tried creeping on me,
      But all in all just watch yourself King, you really dont know how to make friends or give constructive advice on here and you #$%$ a lot of people off. I can only assume you act this way outside of the internet. So try to keep yourself in check I imagine you will find yourself very alone.

      If there is one bit of advice I hope you take from this its this...If someone else posts something that you disagree with, it doesnt me its me, it just means you wish it was me because you are still crushing on me after you stalked my facebook page. I know see why you post about me so much...silly goose ;)

      once again...washing my hands of this whole, Bennett V King rivalry.
      Enjoy your excessive need for hate and negativity.

      P.S. words that arnt insulting what so ever: Shmoe (its schmo), shmuck (its schmuck), moron, loser or any other words that 3rd graders call each other. Nor are threats over the internet like "whats your address"...what are you gonna do really? Buy a plane ticket and fly to which ever state he lives in to beat his #$%$ over some angry posts? (What is this, the end of a Jay and Silent Bob Movie, "How many people wanna kick some #$%$")
      Come back to reality


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