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  • I am curious as to what u think rank stands for since u dont think it has to do with the overall stats that the players compile.

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    • This is so funny. I always list by rank but hardly ever do I pick up the top player in the list which according to you should be the best player to pick up, so what do ranks really mean, very little. It is only a gauge to determine which of the players in the first page of the list will benefit your team the most and there are 25 players on that first page. If your team is winning Assists every week by a bunch then "why" is the overall stat line important, IT ISN'T. Ranking is a gauge not a bible.

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      • I think the rankings are important, but don't mean everything. The rankings aren't just made up numbers though. Yahoo gets the rankings based off all of the players numbers. Does it make sense to always pick up the best "ranked" player on the free agent list, no. If you are looking for assists and two players both average let's say 4.6 assists per game, it probably makes sense to pick up the higher "ranked" player as he is a better fantasy player for the other statistics.

        So all in all rankings matter, but it's not the end all. To say they don't matter makes no sense at all though.

    • King: You boys keep it PG here,OK!!! I'm sensitive to PG-13 and R rated stuff! BTW give me an opinion on my Team roster advice question below while you wait on Bennett to respond in kind! Thanks

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      • Just curious as to what Bennett thinks the rankings stand for. He thinks its fair to offer two guys that are ranked over 100 for a top 5 player. So to better understand managers like him, I am curious as to what he thinks the rankings mean. Too many fantasy managers focus on just a couple of the cats(usually points, rebounds and blocks) and decide if a player is a good based on that. That's only 1/3 of the normal 9 cat leagues.

        Also, when I explain to someone that a player ranked 99 doesn't have the same overall value as a player ranked 36, he hopes on the thread to talk #$%$. I just get annoyed with these uneducated, unemployed people on here.


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