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  • Should I pull up all the old posts in which you were dogging me? Telling me that I have no idea what I am talking about when I said that Asik is not a good fantasy player...and how you said I don't understand the rankings....should I pull those up? If you recall...other people agreed with me that you were clueless...

    I will end all of this though. So I apologize for calling you out on many things that I strongly don't agree with you on.

    I really can't stand it though when people think players are better than they really are just because they are on their fantasy team. The rankings are there for a reason. A player ranked #3 usually has more value than someone ranked #50...hence why they are ranked where they are. The rankings take into account all the cats, not just a couple. Most people on here are SportsCenter fantasy players....that means they only know names and not stats. Names don't win you fantasy leagues, stats do. People used to draft Shaq in the first round in roto leagues. Very hard to win with him on your team due to his terrible FT% and his volume he takes. Same with Dwight Howard. Allen Iverson was also a guy that was hard to win a roto league with. His FG% was very low and he shot so much, not to mention his terrible TO's.

    So, again, I will stop the "hating," but there is more to fantasy than points, rebounds, assists and blocks. There are 9 cats in normal settings and all of them play a big role in winning.

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    • Now that you guys are buddies again can you use your knowledge to take a stab at answering my "Improving Cat's" question. Need to get this team out of 9th and moving upward so YOUR HELP would be appreciated greatly!

    • You a goofing looking one huh Mr. Charles?

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      • Sure thing King, yes I can swallow my pride and say I am 100% wrong about Asik. If he came back right now, I would not pick him up. But you see, you cant let that entirely discredit my knowledge. And the only thing that I disagree with you about is that the rankings you are looking at fluctuate a lot. Sometimes you pick up players knowing they are going to smooth things out. Although I agree Oladipo's To's are game changers and his fg% is rough around the edges, but he contributes to every other category and has potential to break and have a ohenomenal season, specially with the departure of either Afflalo, and or Jamer Nelson. With that perspective talent and how he was ranked in the 70s not long ago, along with Monroe ranked in the 40s, they are both formitable options. The other issue with rankings is that they fluctuate so much Ryan Anderson is ranked 15th in the league! and he came in at 59th. But is he really going to sustain 15th in the league type stats? Even without his injuries, of course not. He isnt a top 15 style o f player, Anthony Davis was out for 4 weeks and he was able to reep the benefits. When Davis came back his numbers declined. You told me Wade is cancer to a team, yet he is ranked 24th. I dont want Wade on my team, regaurdless of ranking. He is a well rounded PG, be he doesnt play enough to want a 24th ranked player. You even said, the rankins are made up from 9 cats, but you can just look at rankins, you have to look at the details within the rankings. (of course Im not telling you anything new) but that is the real difference. Ty Lawson is an elite PG, shouldnt ranked top 40 minumum. But he is ranked 50th right now because he had a string of low scoring games and high TOs, his value might be down right now, but everyone knows he will pick it up again like he already is and will regain his value. Thats really my point, that rankings fluctuate a lot, and sometimes you trade based of what they are going to do rather then what they are doing.


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