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  • Bob Bob Apr 18, 2013 7:29 AM Flag

    Auction League drafts are BROKEN !!! Please Please fix this next year Yahoo

    A quick review of the overall leader board shows a LARGE number of teams with both Lebron and Durant on their rosters. How did they do this? Maybe via trades, but in the overwhelming number of cases, they drafted both these players in their public auction draft leagues. This is very easy to do, based on default player values in auction leagues, and the fact that if most of the other managers are not present for the auction draft, the bidding 'robots' are limited in how high they will bid on a player.

    Note, in this year's final leaderboard, one manager alone (it appears) has FIVE Teams in the top 50, all achieved by following this strategy. A manager in one of my leagues just missed the top 50 after drafting both Lebron and Durant.

    The not so big secret of auction drafts, there are plenty of good players left at the end of the draft for 1 or 2 bucks, so drafting two studs is a guaranteed formula for success.

    How do you fix this? Easy. Add a rule to limit the number of Max Amount bids (for discussion purposes, lets call a max amount bid any bid over 80 dollars) to ONE PER TEAM. You get one shot at a top 3 player, and that's it. Unless you guys like playing in leagues where one team wins the league during the draft.

    Please, other managers write to Yahoo on this topic.


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