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  • Matty Laps Matty Laps Apr 3, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    Yahoo Experts.

    I appreciate the free pool and all but this last week has been brutal. No update on Beal's injury costing me a spot in a championship week. No schedule analyzer or week 23 info. really sucks, you guys were so great all year but have been lazy this week.

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    • Matty: It's baseball season man! Of course everyone is going to bail at the wrong time. Couldn't agree with you more on this but it could be worse. SI's given up on fantasy basketball and last post there was regarding T.McGrady,ouch! CBS gave up on there fantasy BB chat after about 4 weeks and lousy at updates too. ESPN has only 1 fantasy BB chat all week and at least NBC fantasy BBis very current and offers a day and night chat during week. Just seems fantasy BB is the RedHeaded stepchild of fantasy sports. Would never stop info during football playoffs,never. Yahoo needs to finish what they started or don't start at all. Thanks for reminding them of their loyalty to ALL fantasy sports!


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