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  • Benson K Benson K Mar 29, 2013 10:40 PM Flag

    4 Keepers to Keep, having headache.....

    I have to pick 4 keepers for next season from the following players:

    LeBron James (must keep)
    Russell Westbrook (must keep)
    Paul Millsap
    Serge Ibaka
    Tobias Harris
    Gordon Hayward

    Besides LBJ & Westbrook, not sure who to pick for the remaining 2.
    Any recommendation will be appreciated!!~~ Thank you.

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    • I agree with Daniel James/Westbrook & Ibaka for sure. But The next 3 are tough. Hayward and Harris for upside. Milsap for past performances. But as a free agent where Milsap ends up next year is a huge factor. As good as Harris has done given his chance the last month or so. During that time Harris isn't ranked in the top 50 while Hayward is. While Harris did break into the top 50 in the past couple of weeks. Hayward has been straight out balling with top 25 ranks of 15.1 Pts / 1.9 threes / 1.1 Blk / 1.0 Stl / 4.9 Ast / 3.5 Reb. plus good % . Next year with all the free agents the Jazz have including Milsap. Hayward has a chance to be a consistant 18/20 point scorer in addition to all the extra goodies. Since being more proven than Harris. Hayward would be my 4th choice. But Harris certainly is very intriguing. Could you possibly deal Harris/Hayward or maybe Milsap's name and either Harris/Hayward for an even better 4th keeper?

    • when you think of keepers you need to think of players that arent easily replaced.

      so I would keep LBJ, Westbrook, Ibaka (king of blocks and will improve on offense), and either Millsap or Harris. I'd say Millsap as he is a double double threat and steals too.
      Harris is too up and down, and you have LBJ and Westbrook to cover up losing his scoring and 3s.


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