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  • Kelly Kelly Mar 26, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    URGENT!! I need help ASAP!!!

    Okay I'm in my playoffs for my fantasy league and had to drop Nikola vucivic because I'm afraid his return for the remainder of the season is in question. I picked up Reggie Evans to make up for the rebounds I am going to miss out on but of course I'm losing at points. My question is all of my player are playing tomorrow and I'm trying to decide who to play having 3 injuries to Ty Lawson grievis Vasquez and Nikola vucivi put me down 11-2 so I'm having to make some quick decisions. Currently I'm losing in all CATS except for turn overs and 3 point percentage.

    This is my team:
    Tony Parker
    Jru Holiday
    Grievis Vasquez
    Wesley Matthews
    JJ hickson
    Brook Lopez
    Kevin Durant
    Reggie Evans
    Serg Ibaka
    Blake griffin
    Thaddeus Young
    Kenneth faried
    Ty Lawson

    Who should I start to give me the best shot at getting back into this series?

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    • Hey Kelly! OK. 1)You might not have to worry about lawson/Vasquez but I heard Vasquez might return. 2) You'll have to play Parker and holiday for sure to cover G's and either matthews/Vasquez. I'd prefer vasquez 1st because of assists help. 3)Durant is SF elgible ? 4) Have to have ibaka,Griffin,Lopez,Young,Hickson and either Faried(pts,RB's,FG% and blocks if that's what you need) and Evans for RB's of course, maybe a block, if alot of RB's is what you need! 5) if everyone is a go i'd sit: Evans(unless you really really need alot of RB's, then i'd sit faried),If between Matthews and Lawson I'd play Lawson for assists/pts/steals and Matthews for the pts! So I'd probably sit matthews if needing alot of cat help(Lawson the man here). Final choice is hard,Kelly!! It's between Faried/Hickson/Blake. All three can be up/down at any time then super the next. For me it would be faried. 6) So I'd sit Evans,faried and matthews myself. Now if Lawson is out I'd sit Evans/faried and play Matthews for Pts,hopefully some assists and 3's! If both Lawson/Vasquez are out I'd use evans only if your really needing alot of RB's ONLY! I'd prefer the chance on faried because he's more cat friendly. Remember also they are both HORRIBLE FT%. Hope this makes some sense Kelly and good luck catching up man!


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