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  • Shaneooo Shaneooo Mar 25, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

    Help needed! Please at least read and direct me to someone who can answer

    I am part of a League and into the second round of the playoffs. There are three people in this league who are friends openly, one of them is the Commish. Only one of them made it through to the second round. Since then his friends have dropped very solid contributors and then the one survivor is there to add them immediately. Is there somewhere I can report these people, or is it just the risk you take with this fantasy basketball?

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    • Though my name is "COMMISH," im cetainly not Shaneooo is pertaining to... Hey Shane... Sorry man... David Vest asked if I could help you since i have commish experience... well sadly... in a private league, you're right... it is the risk that you take in this fantasy basketball... the best that you could do is give them a neg rate... click "LEAGUE" tab click "Managers" Rate Manager... Hope the article below helps too...

      Reporting a cheating commissioner:

      This article explains that in Private leagues, Yahoo! does not get involved in disputes, and commissioners have complete control in those leagues.

      All custom league matters must be addressed to the commissioner. We recommend that you attempt to contact your commissioner via email or your league's message board to resolve any disputes. Yahoo! Sports will not act as a go-between with commissioners and managers in any way.

      We also will neither remove nor restore teams from private leagues. You are not obligated to visit the team or league pages if you no longer wish to participate in your private league.

      We will not interfere with private leagues. We invite you to join one of our public leagues. In a public league, you will be matched against other players from across the globe that will be randomly assigned to your league. There are no commissioners in public leagues.

      You may also take advantage of Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Manager Rating System. The Manager Rating System will enable you to rate other managers (including your commissioner) in your league (Positive, Neutral, or Negative) and provide a short comment about your experience playing with them.

    • Shane; Just checking back with you to see how things are going! Any feedback yet to report!

    • Shane: it's tues. 26th 11;35 am! Not sure if you got last post,last night. But--go to yahoo regular sports page,all the way at bottom click on HELP and go to place that you need. Looks like they have several different things you could go to and maybe get someone in front office,etc. Try that next and pushit hard. See this is not Commish discretion it's Commish Abuse and not letting a player play now. I'll look around some more for you! Good luck.

    • Shane: As i thought! Try this go to same research page click on rules,under rules is Yahoo trade reviews,click on that.ok! There you can FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT with Yahoo board. Give an explanation of everything that's gone on ,OK. Please give it a shot and let me know!

    • The Commish just locked me from editing my team. Can someone #$%$ please help and tell me what to do? Please...

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      • Shane: I'm really sorry to see this,again,after you've played fairly for 5 months now! Seen this twice so I'll give you the info your seeking. 1) Go to research page,at top above word FANTASY you'll see RULES HELP ETC,Click on HELP,when that page comes up click on cheating and sportsmanship.There's a line that read's something like cheating commish,etc. Just click on that and go from there OK. Usually it takes several days for Yahoo to work this out. If it's a private league you may have trouble because Yahoo not as forceful there but is in Public league. How's is this guy adding repeated players,Shane! Don't you still have waiver wire thru playoffs. If not this was probably a set up from the start! Sorry Shane but this happens more than you think and makes playing fantasy harder/less fun! Try this and get back to me OK. Don't just complain just once keep the foot on the petal till you get an answer! Good luck shane!


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