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  • Kelly Kelly Mar 21, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    Help with possible player drop

    So im debating if i sould drop o.j mayo for another possible shooting gaurd but other then Demar DeRozen I have no clue who to pick up that will give decent stats all across the board. O.J Mayo is not playng well and hasnt played well since like before all star break and just thinking if i should let him go and if i do who is a pretty solid choice to fill in his place?

    here is my team now:

    thaddeus young
    nikola vucivic
    brook lopez
    blake griffin
    JJ hickson
    jru holiday
    tony parker
    serji Ibaka
    Greivis vasquez
    ty lawson
    kenneth faried
    kevin durant

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    • Kelly: First i'll say you have a really strong team here,so congrats on that!!!!! Next unless your REALLY DESPERATE for offense(which you aren't in my opinion) then Derozan is OK. I've said this to several other players contemplating DeRozan he is 3-4(stretching 4) offensive cat's ONLY. Defensive cat's are almost non existent. Very inconsistent on offense too. Last night 7-10 and that's fine but then you get 2-3 games of 5-14,etc. Just don't like the guy,but I'm only one opinion here! Before I answer here on OJ I went back to observe his recent stat's so: 1) not doing that badly,kelly!! Shooting %'s are good and other stat's fine too,except possibly scoring! 2) last several games are down some,I agree there. 3) One thing you might have overlooked with OJ's recent play is that S.Marion has not been playing at SF!!!! Possible teams are locking down on OJ,with Marion out, and letting Dirk/whatever flavor of the day C is playing for mavs, beat them. Marion to return very soon and I believe we'll see OJ start to imrove some. Now that's my opinion here on OJ! 4) Kelly i'd hold on OJ,myself! Good all round player and I truly believe any FA fodder out there can't come close to replacing his production. 5) If you decide to drop, both Iggy/Wes are good choices but remember too that Iggy has ugly playoff schedule and Wes' schedule is fine but he's 4th or 5th option in that offense!!!! OJ good schedule and i'd hold here,Kelly! Good luck man!

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