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  • Rog Rog Mar 20, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    Brook Lopez or Amir Johnson

    Just want to see if its worth dropping B.Lopez for A.Johnson?
    My league is H2H, 8 teams, 9 cat FG% FT% 3PTM PTS REB AST ST BLK & TO and I'm in first by 1 game. My standings 4th FG%, 4th FT%, 3rd 3PTM, 2nd PTS, 2nd REB, 1ST AST, 4th STL, 1st BLK, 7th TO.
    Here is my Roster:

    PG: Holiday, Lillard, Rubio
    SG: Iguodala, J.R. Smith
    SF: Durant, T.Harris
    PF: C.Bosh, J.Noah
    C: R.Hibbert, B.Lopez

    INJ: D.Rose & K.Irving

    I know I should drop my INJ but want to keep them since Ive been doing well with them out anyways but would like to improve or maybe they might make it back especially Rose. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    • Roger: i'll give you my opinion here and hope it helps. 1) A.Johnson would be a great add considering Bargnani is out. i own Amir and last 3 games he has been a monster! 2) I can understand holding Rose but I'm not sure about Irving! I'd drop Irving for Amir if you value Amir's cat's . Just the thought of adding amir over lopez means you like amir and are struggling as to whether to drop Lopez for him! Why not have both!!!!!!!! Amir will help in steals,FG% and usually a decent FT% guy! He goes 3-4 games in weeks 22-23. If rose comes back soon you're really going to be set thru playoffs. I just like the add of amir to strengthen your bench and not having to worry about whether Irving returning or being shut down. With playoffs it's good to go with what you know and not be distracted by the unknown! Just my opinion,Roger! good luck!

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      • Thank you for your input David Vest!
        It would be great to have both of them but was thinking since I have Hibbert I can drop Lopez but its nice to have a backup C. I have been watching Amir and he's been beasting it and can fill in those cat nicely. I was seriously thinking of dropping Bosh for him when he was in his slump. I'm just afraid if I drop Irving I'll lose him to another team if he comes back but I'm pretty PG stacked but would love Irving on my team. Rose is ready just not mentally so anytime he can come back. I was thinking of dropping Rose/Irving for either Jeff Green, Gerald Henderson or Ersan Ilyasova if I were to drop Lopez for Amir.


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