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  • Zack Zack Mar 20, 2013 5:39 AM Flag

    Championship Team??

    Deron Williams
    Kyle Korver
    Mo Williams
    Carmelo Anthony
    LeBron James
    Blake Griffin
    David Lee
    Jermaine O'Neal
    DeAndre Jordan
    Spencer Hawes
    Danilo Gallinari
    Andre Miller
    Andrei Kirilenko

    Any1 think this is a good enough team to win it all?

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    • Zach: Pretty good team here! If your looking for some criticism I'll give you my honest opinion,OK! 1) Might only get an average number of assists from this team 2)Nice set of Big men so RB's and Blks. shouldn't be a problem. 3)Should be good with steals 4)Alot of points here and not bad on 3's if Korver can stay hot,Melo,Lebron,Mo,Deron! 4)FT% should be pretty decent too as Jordan's 40% can be overcome by the others. 5) I'm gonna be honest here,Zach, because you only have 1 problem but for me it's a fairly Big One. Your not that strong on playoff scheduled games!!!! Lebron,Melo,Kirilenko,Hawes,Mo and korver are great(max games here) but lee,Miller,O'Neal,Gallo and Deron are at the minimum number. Blake /Jordan are 4-3 for weeks 22-23. Don't know if you have any good FA's hanging around on wire, with alot of playoff games.I'd be interested to know that!!! Must also remember here that O'Neal/Jordan will get timeshare PT. Miller,with Lawson nursing a sore heel and W.Chandler out, will be alot better for you with increased PT(which is great but in limited playoff games). Also how long will Kirilenko take to get back up to speed(is on a minutes limit right now along with Pek)? You have a strong bunch of players at the top here but bench could be stronger with possibly 1, maybe 2 changes to add extra playoff games! Hope this opinion didn't sound terrible because it wasn't meant to be. Just one man's honest view! Good luck Zach!

    • League size? Looks like 12 + teams......Roto or H2H?


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