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  • Dewayne Dewayne Mar 18, 2013 7:19 PM Flag

    Should I make a move during my bye week or stick with what I have?

    I ended up finishing #2 overall in my 12 team head to head league so I have a bye this week, and I was wondering if I should make any changes. Really interested in picking up Bradley Beal and/or Derrick Williams. My Roster:

    Ricky Rubio
    Jamal Crawford
    Ty Lawson
    Kobe Bryant
    Joe Johnson
    Demar DeRozan
    Thaddeus Young
    Andre Kirilenko
    Kenneth Faried
    Zach Randolph
    Chris Bosh
    Carlos Boozer
    Tiago Splitter

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    • Dewayne: Nice roster here! Give you some input and see if it help's you out any with your decision,OK! 1)Only players I'd consider dropping are deRozan/Splitter. 2) Just looking at your roster I bet your looking at more 3's so Beal would be a great add. 3)RB's,blocks you should be set even without Splitter(Having rubio/Kobe gives you alot of extra RB's other teams won't get out of their guards). 4) Steals should be fine might get some extra's out of beal! 5) Only downside with Beal is I don't think he's as good a dimes man as DeRozan(I could be wrong there). 6) With both Kirilenko/Pek both coming back what kind of PT hit will Williams take. 7) Finally what i consider to be real important is number of playoff games!!!! You got a bye,like I did, so are you only concerned with weeks 22-23 like me? I'm presently reassessing a couple of players,just like you,but with number of games being a big factor(cat's help being the other concern). If weeks 22-23: Spliter 3-3,Williams-4-4,Beal-4-4 and Kirilenko-4-4!

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      • Little more! 8) Dewayne you can stand pat here and be very competitive(2nd place proves that)! 9)Williams over Splitter makes sense but Tiago's shooting %'s are alot better but you get more 3's out of Williams! 10)Beal vs. DeRozan! In my opinion Beal is alot better. I'd check on dimes,steals between the 2 and also remember beal has been hurt so how healthy is he going to be for you! Alot better playoff schedule for beal. 11) Finally,speaking of injuries,how effective is Kirilenko going to be down stretch!!! Now's the time for healthy bodies so keep that in mind too. Adding Williams/Beal,especially with their schedules,would help you but contemplate hard on who's to go: Kirilenko/DeRozan/Splitter!!! Personally I like beal here,I worry about Kirilenko's health andSplitter's/Derozan's schedule's! All good player's,Dewayne,so go with what you need most and factor in those schedule's! Good luck,man!

    • Drop derozan for sure. He offers barely anything in fantasy.


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