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  • David Vest David Vest Mar 18, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    Play off roster weeks 22-23

    12 team cat 9 playoffs weeks 22-23! 1)trying to maximize FG%,steals,blocks and some 3's! Have j.Jack with 6 playoff games and several experts recommend dropping him for harkness with 8 games. Seems reasonable to me so anyone have thoughts? 2) Added p.Gasol but may be risky for weeks 22-23. Drop and add: Valanucius-7 games,Mcroberts-7games,B.Bass -8 games or favors-8 games? Thanks

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    • That's a tough one between Harkness/Jack, both get minutes, Jack 3's and ast vs Moe versatility. Both had great games yesterday so it's for me hard to chose one. I value ast because my team lacks of them since I lost Rondo. Jack can shoot 3 as well of Klay if he wants. If the total games have a weight on both, seems reasonable Harkness for Jack but Jack is pg/sg and Moe is only sf, I value too players listed with 2 positions. Drop Gasol, he suffered a setback. For the drop and add, McRoberts is taking advantage of his starting role and doing an overall game instead of Mullens and by far he shoots better. Bass brings fg%, Favors can be the perfect fit, it's sad but he most be ignored because of his coach and his awful sense of player rotations. He can play 30 mins as well 14. Valanciunas is now a starter but is cold and hot, sometimes when I saw Raptor games, seems he's lost sometimes or just they ignore him, but still a better option than Bass and Favors.
      I must say McRoberts and Jonas giving a sightly margin to McBob over Jonas because Bob is more aggressive. Maybe I can be wrong but it's how I see things, lol.


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