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  • Alejandro Alejandro Mar 17, 2013 12:11 AM Flag

    K Mart or Jonas V?

    I'm short a C on my roster. Was hoping K-Love would be back next week but that's not happening. So I have to pick someone up. Pretty slim pickings for Cs in my league. All playoff teams in my league are set (and I'm one of them) and they start Week 22 (the week after next). I like K-Mart because of the Knicks sweet playoff schedule, but who knows if he'll still be getting minutes by the timeWeek 22 rolls around. Jonas V's schedule isn't as nice, but he may be more reliable with Baragani out of the way. Other options: Speights or Josh McBob. As I said, slim pickings. Any thoughts?

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    • McRob seems to be worth a gamble with his ability to provide around stats and the bobcats' schedule is about 2 games less than NYK the rest of the way. And there are barely any competition for minutes compared to K-Mart when Melo comes back. JV has been given alot of opportunities but hasn't living it up to the hype. I can't see him turn it around like Ilyasova style lol

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      • Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately since I wrote last McBob got snagged by someone else, so he is no longer an option. I had also been at one point considering Ed Davis, or one of the Wizard PF,Cs Booker or Seraphin. Washington and Memphis both have strong schedules but none of those guys really seem worth rostering for the long haul. SIGH. I may end up being stuck with Jonas V again. I've already dropped him once this year, but that was before Bargani's injury, so at least this time I shouldn't have to worry about any of those 15 minute 2 pt 3 rebound classic he gave me before.


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