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  • Adrian Adrian Mar 12, 2013 6:45 PM Flag


    who would you be dropping from your team? i would probably grab parker. I heard he was already running on a treadmill.

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    • here's my team in a 12 team h2h league. tell me who i should drop? pau gasol is also on waivers. should i pick up pau AND tony parker? if so, who should i drop for any of those two guys? please let me know, thanks!

      amir johnson
      marc gasol
      wes matthews
      jr smith
      mo williams

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      • kenny: Only one I'd consider is barea but dude has 12 playoff games 4-4-4 which could be valuable whereas parker goes 3-3-3. Barea is still playing thru minor injury and it could blow up on him at any time. But he's been playing better recently. My only problem with parker is how much PT is he going to get during your playoffs,especially with Spurs a 1 or 2 seed at worst. Just last night leonard/Duncan didn't even make trip to Wolves! I'm also weighing that risk as I dropped parker after he was ruled out for awhile. real tough choice! Might also want to weigh Parker vs.Drummond!!!! Depends on who comes back first but who knows,right! Drummond is 3-3-4 in playoffs. Your pretty guard heavy so if your leaning to go the guard cat's strategy for playoffs taking a chance on parker might be the best route and keep Barea. That's about the best opinion I can give to you,Kenny! get back to me if you want to discuss more. If not,good luck Kenny,hope it works out for you one way or the other!

      • I would be dropping Barea. His production seems inconsistent since the Wolves have such a crowded back court.

        the other thing I like to do is to look at your schedule for your 1st playoff match up week. try to spot the player that helps you the least. for example, in my 1st playoff week I am only getting one game out of T.Young. this is because my roster is already full for the other 3 days he plays that week. so even though I may have a few players ranked lower then him, he would be my drop if I wanted to pick up a player.

      • Definitely pick him up. He should be back in the middle of the playoffs if you can afford to stash him on the bench. And I would drop Drummond for Pau if you choose to pick him up (as much as it pains me to say that, big Detroit fan here). There is no timetable on his return yet.

      • anyone? i just dropped barea for pau gasol. now i want to stash tony parker in addition to already stashing pau gasol and drummond. should i do it? i have a bye next week for sure. if so, who should i drop from my new team?


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