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  • Vagster Vagster Mar 11, 2013 8:15 AM Flag

    #1 team, Won 14 weeks in a row, Rate my team!

    12 team league, is this team going to go all way?

    PG: Deron Williams, Damian Lillard, Isiah Thomas, Tony Parker
    SG: Kawhi Leonard, Nic Batum
    SF: Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony
    PF: Dirk Nowitzki
    C: Amir Johnson, Anthony Davis

    Rest of players I just rotate off the waivers wire for who's hot

    Rate my team! Durant, Deron and Isiiah only play 3 times in weeks when I will be in playoffs. Will that hurt?

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    • Seems legit. If I'm first without Rondo and any reliable starter pg, then you can be first without a reliable center.

    • that looks like a pretty great team. my only concern would be a lack of BIG men. Where do you get your rebounds and blocks from?

    • Vag: Nice team,should be happy about it! You have a little more trouble if your playoffs are weeks 21-23. Leonard/Parker only 9 games,Amir 10(which isn't too bad), Davis 10 I think, Thomas-real bad and Durant-10. if you can make it to week 23 you should be OK,man. looks like you start 3/25,if my schedule grid is right. if you can nab rotating players from: Minn,NY,Atl,Milw,Bost,Utah,Philly,Indy,Mia,memp, and wash you should be ok in week 22. Those teams have 4 games. week 23 Wash,Minn,NY,Philly,Indy,Mia,memp,Atl,Utah and Bost all have 4 games. Gonna need good rotating players,though!!! Good luck Vag.


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