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  • nathan nathan Mar 10, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    Kawhi & ak47 dropped, help

    Some one in my league droped kawhi. Would you drop any of these guys for him.also should i use my 6 waiver priority?... Ak47 is also available on the ww.. My droppables are : asik, harris, mo will, pek, any help would be appreciated

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    • Nathan: Is a decision,isn't it! Leonard is a cat 8/9 player. 47 who knows! I own pek and have been holding 1)his ability and 2) his really good weeks 21-23 playoff schedule. Asik is who he is: Rb's,Blks,good FG% and avg.Pts.not the best of playoff schedule's. Mo just needs more PT to come around and super playoff schedule(12 games). Is this T.Harris or D.Harris! If devin then great playoff schedule(12 games) and getting PT and avg.across the board. If tobias then sky's the limit with 11 game playoff schedule and alot of PT. Can he be consistent ROS. so far he looks pretty good. Leonard! only thing holding him back,for me right now,is playoff schedule(not the greatest at all). All this depends on your positioning right now! if fighting for playoff spot,looking to grab a bye position or just maximizing roster for playoffs. Leonard for me is worth the #6 w/w if trying to make playoffs or posturing for top couple of seeds/bye. Not so sure about #6 if just to strenghten roster. If you respond back with more details I could give you alot better opinion,if this one isn't enough to help. Good luck,Nathan!

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      • Nathan: third time i'm trying to respond and I guess my responses have been to long or Yahoo is jerking me around. Here goes the 3rd try! Your team looks super(and i'm envious). 1)G's look great and all but Curry have great weeks 21-23 playoff schedules. C/F's are good with asik/Parsons having an ok playoffs others real good. 2) I'm biased here but i like leonard but has only 8-9 playoff games vs. Mo's 12. Leonard way better 8/9 cat player even on a off night FG% wise. If your fighting #3 for #2 seed leonard has 4 games week 20,Mo 3! Might need to make that move with melo out and pek too(by the way I own both also and just lost T.Parker). If it helps getting you to #2 seed leonard might be worth #6 W/W. In your position(I'm #2 also) I might do it/be forced to do it given your circumstances. That's my best humbled opinion,Nathan. Ak 47 DTD may return next week and Pek fine but may need 1 more week to catch up. I'd also keep Harris,especially with melo out. been playing well. Need more help or just to chat get back to me.

      • hey thanks alot for the help!, usually no one answers these boards, so i appreciate it. It is Tobias harris that i have. i am currently in 2 place with probably a 5 game lead over the 3rd place team after tonight. I play the 3rd place team next week and have pek & melo injured. i have figured out that i need to keep asik to be able to compete with a strong rebounding team that i could probably run into. would you drop either mo or tobias for ak47 or kawhi...

        i have these pg's : jennings, rubio, g hill, curry, felton, mo will, & lillard
        my pf/sf: parsons, melo, unibrow, noah, t harris,
        my c's: pek, b lopez, asik

        thanks for your help

      • In your case Williams and Harris are the most drop. I have Mo too but in my case, I can't drop him because I need pgs. I can say I made an upgrade with pgs in my team but for the long run, I would like to have more pgs. Anyways, let's get straight to the point. Mo is playing limited minutes and Corbin's rotation just suck. Harris is a gamble, Drew can start him, can use him from the bench and sitting him as well. Leonard's problem is Pop's system. Pop is not a fantasy friendly, he plays for winning by strategy but still Leonard is worth the shot just because he's too good doing all. I must pick him but first you must check the status of AK47 and Pek.


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