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  • kkading kkading Mar 9, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    Derrick Rose is a.....

    Baby. Plain and simple.

    If Adrian Peterson can come back in 6 months amd dominate, and poor baby D Rose can't feel "mentally" comfortable in 10 months, then we know that there is something wrong with his noggin.

    Grow up Baby Rose.

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    • i dont agree, he cant dunk off of his left foot, kinda like if AP couldnt cut, he will be back, later

    • KK: I sort of agree with you! My problem is this---What the hell does he need to dunk off either leg for!!!!! If dunking is the criteria here to start playing he's not a baby,he's an egotistical #$%$!!! c'mon D.Rose you can run,shoot,dribble, play D with the best of them,score,shoot FT's and most of all your team NEEDS you. They have looked really bad the 3-4 times I've seen them play last few weeks. sinking in playoff position too. AP,Bill Russell played years with bad knees and 11 world world championships later,Howard's still playing thru a torn Labrum which can't feel rosy(excuse the pun) and LA making a move UP the ranks. Kobe get's his elbow yanked off but leads team to win in last 4 min(and a couple years ago he played the whole season with a busted wrist). All these guy's have been MVP's ,at one stage of career! get out and play D.Rose and quit being another kind of MVP-Most Valuable #$%$!!!!!

    • dude, glass houses man. unless your name is Adrian Peterson, you need stop talking.

    • Obviously you never had a acl injury. First off ap had from xmas to sept which is nine months and he is a freak none the less. Basketball especially the PG position grinds on the knee which at 10 months he is doing great. I had mine done and i didnt have the doctors they do and it took just over a year for me and im not doing pro athlete things. Read up on subjects before you judge somebody

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      • With a name like T.O.'s B.O., no one is expecting a lot of athletic prowess out of you. I'm sure you needed over a year to rehab so you could get your #$%$ off the couch to get a beer.

        The point here is that he has been cleared to play and won't because he isn't where he "wants" to be. All the while, his team isn't performing well and would most likely respond to his return even if he isn't at full mental capacity.

        Why don't you read up on his injury reports before you comment?

    • Try harder. Today Magic Johnson just explained about his same situation, when all was forcing him to play and he made the return after an injury. He admitted he wasn't mentally ready to return at that moment. So the advice he gave to Rose was, take your time. Please, try harder.

    • KK: See the latest now. Rose will not return,he say's, "until my new hamstrings(both) issue is resolved". I see Magic is now being quoted here. He's right,should not rush it! Sounding more like Rose should pack it in for 2012-2013 and concentrate on 2013-2014!!! Bulls need this resolved so they can fully concentrate on ROS. They cannot say,to the last man,that their not distracted. This is going on,and on and on........!!!! D Rose get healthy,my man. Your fabulous so pack it in and be 100% for next year. Hate to see you get reinjured coming back to early or by having your head "in the wrong place".

    • First of all, I do think he should probably return sooner than later, not for himself, but for his team who obviously need him. That being said however, from an athletes perspective, a majority of one's ability to play in top form is mental. If you don't believe you can play your best, you sure as hell won't. You know the saying, "sports are 90% mental toughness and 10% physical toughness". And it is not like it's an injury you can just play through, ACL's can haunt you through you entire career if not properly cared for, so I can understand his hesitency to play. And I commend him for not giving in to the pressure from his surroundings, but I believe he will be back. He is to much of a competitor to sit out and watch his team struggle.

    • You took a risk...got burnt. Now the rest of your leagues feels awfully smart.

    • Mystery Man,still! He'll return sometime,probably for playoff showtime! Love this guy but hate to have him in a weekly league! Good luck for those that do!!! let me know if he play's because I gave up long ago time ago due to excessive nap times! Nobody should fall asleep that much for any reason!


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