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  • David David Mar 8, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

    Who should I keep?

    I've been bouncing back & forth on who I should keep pretty much all season so I'm looking for an outsiders perspective. 12-team, Std. 9-Cat league in which we get (1) keeper. You use the draft pick from the round that you drafted the player in from the previous season and if you keep the player a second year the pick you lose for the keeper goes up two rounds (Example: Keep a 4th round selection & it costs you a 4th round pick and if you keep him the next year after that it'll cost you a second rounder). So after all that here are the two guys I'm bouncing between:

    Stephen Curry: 3rd round pick this season.
    Paul George: 4th round pick this season.

    Curry has been balling but that ankle makes me nervous and George has been playing great too and he gets stats all across the board and I think he'll only continue to improve & hopefully Granger gets traded.

    What do you guys think?

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    • its a close one, but I would go with Stephen Curry. the ONLY thing that concerns me is his weak ankles.

      if you are looking for a "safer" pick, then I say go with George. He is more well rounded. (points, rebs, assists) Curry is more of a (3 pt, points, assists)

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      • David: Love the Vince picture,Man! 'No chance in Hell". 1) George is really good but as I see it he's on a team that spreads the wealth around,with/without granger. 2) Curry has no competition really for shots and the offense runs through him.Not going to change next year. Concerns about his injury proneness are a legit factor(I added Jack this year because of it). But what happens if the injuries don't reoccur. Curry has been #1 rated player in ESPN's rater ranks over last 3 weeks,even over Lebron/Durant. 3's,assists,pts.FT% at 90%,steals some RB's--can't beat this guy. Even if he shoots at 40-45%FG I'd take him over Melo,Harden and even Westbrook! Best point is that he's only going to get better. Love george,wish I had him,but Curry for me! By the way I wouldn't tell either of these guy's "Your Fired"! Good luck,david!


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