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  • Kelly Kelly Mar 8, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    Wanted opinion

    I dropped DeMar DeRozen and kept Thaddeus Young and picked up Nikola Vucevic. do y'all think that was a good move or not?

    This is my team below:

    Tony Parker
    Grieves Vasquez
    Ty Lawson
    OJ Mayo
    DeMar DeRozan*(he's gone now)
    Thaddeus Young
    Kenneth faried
    Brook Lopez
    Kevin Durant
    JJ hicks
    Blake Griffin
    Jru Holiday

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    • I think that was a great move. DeRozan to me is a one trick pony. he's primarily just a scorer. Thad Young and Nik Vuc could help you in multiple categories.

    • Kelly: See you decided to go for both! IThink it was a good move. With A.Davis back playing Lopez takes a hit so i might have dropped him. Derozan has a weak 21-23 playoff schedule and you have alot of guards and scorers so he's not a terrible drop. Only real hit you might take is with Young's FT%(he's enrolled in the D.Howard school for FT). But with Blake,Faried that might be a tough cat to maintain anyhow. Team looks good especially if Parker returns for end of playoffs. Good luck

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      • Thanks @david Vest yea I went with what you suggested as it seems like a solid choice. I have the Lopez brother that's on the nets not the Memphis team so A.Davis return won't hurt me at all.lol!!! The point with the free throws was a good one I know I'll be taking a hit some where but I was looking at it like where can I afford to take a little hit but like you said if young goes off the deep end with these free throws DeRozan will start looking more appealing so ill keep him on my watch list.


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