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  • Chad Chad Mar 7, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    Is our trade deadline also our transaction deadline? (DRose)

    Today is the trade deadline for our league, but when is the transaction deadline? I can't recall from prior years and want to make sure, since if my deadline is today, I'm going to drop Derrick Rose, who I've been sitting on since late December. (Don't worry, I've been dominating anyway, but I don't want to take the chance in our playoffs if I'm not more certain he'll return in the next month. I also don't want to drop him prematurely, only for someone else to pick him up. Basically I want my drop to be a last second thing if it has to be.)

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    • Chad: This depends on what the commish set up for your league! if i was you,if you haven't already,I'd contact the commish for an answer. You can also go to your LEAGUE page and somewhere at the top right there is a word SETTINGS that you can click on and it tells you all the 'rules" for your league: exp: scoring,add/drops per week,etc. Should be one for drops/adds for playoffs,w/w deadline,trade deadline,etc. In mine we can add/drop all the way thru playoffs! Try that and commish too. If your dominating I myself would hold Rose for a little while longer to see what happens!!! Never hurts to"get even stronger",right. Good luck!


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