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    I am being locked out of both of my teams. I can understand being locked out of one, but why both. I've been trying to do a trade with a fellow league player and the league that I'm in keeps vetoing it and I don't understand why because it's a fair trade. I'm last in that league, but on the othew league I'm in 2nd place. Can someone tell me why thiss is happening... Please e-mail me an answer ASAP!!!

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    • so, what happened????????????????

    • Doug: Back at you with this situation! Go to your LEAGUE page,at top right corner is help,rules,etc.,click on HELP,find a list of items and click on TRADE COMPLAINTS,you'll find what you need to formalize a trade complaint, there are "issues" here on whether your commish added certain rules to the league on trades and you may be out of luck,I'd go for it anyhow and see if Yahoo get's back to you in 2 days,like they say! I might even e-mail commish/other players and see why trade was vetoed(you might have done that already). Doug it won't hurt to try if you feel your getting shafted. Hope this helps and let me know what happens,if you want to #$%$ some more or need more help!!!! Good luck man!!!

    • Doug: Can be of help here because I've seen both of these situations! 1) i was helping my son's girfriend,one day,on her team and being the commissioner he just locked her team out as a joke. This is the commisioner doing it as he has the only power to do it. 2) My son was also the commisioner of our just completed football league and he had the power to over rule any trade veto's. 3) Your probably being locked out in one league(last in league) because I bet your helping a playoff contender get a little stronger and others at top can't stand that! Just the opposite is true of your 2nd place team with same result. Other top teams don't want you getting stronger by trading with someone else. 4) This scenario has happened alot to me. The commissioner has his team,fabricate's 4 or 5 other's, then regular Joe's like you and me fill out the remaining 5 or 6 slots. Commissioner control's 50 % of league and can veto whatever he wants. 5) Not saying that these scenario's are true in your case but I'd bet my house on it and feel secure in doing it. 6) Contact Yahoo and make a complaint!!!! Have seen them look into these things and i would PUSH THIS HARD,Doug, especially for your 2nd place team!!!!! Something really stinks bad about this,especially if you feel your trades are fair. I guarantee it's a #$%$ commissioner behind it or at least him/a few of his jealous buddies shutting down a threat to their dominance. Hey Doug get back to me and let me know what happens,ok! This #$%$ is what makes playing fantasy less fun,sometimes it get's way to competitive and players get personal/egotistic about the game. i'll try to research Yahoo policy right now and hopefully get back to you soon. Good luck!!!

    • is this a private or public lg. if private yahoo has nothing to do with it. if public go to help and ask yahoo why and they will tell you, later

    • is either team in the trade for sure out of the playoffs? what was the trade

    • just a suggestion, if your trade gets veto'ed you should probably let it go, and not keep trying to send it.


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