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  • Jeffrey Jeffrey Mar 5, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    Where can i improve at?

    im in 10th place of a 14 team league
    14 teams 8 make the playoffs( im about 3 games back of the 8th spot)
    7 category h2h league( 3ptm, pts, rebs, asts, stls, blocks and turnovers)

    my team is as follows:

    PG: Lillard(drafted him in the 9th round what a steal this year), Jameer nelson, Deron williams
    SG: Ray allen( just picked him off waivers), Kevin martin
    SF: Andre Iguodala, Shawn marion
    PF: Chris bosh, Carlos boozer
    C: Spencer hawes, J.J. Hickson

    what could i trade for keeping my core players together? i need a blue chipper to propel me into the playoffs and all the way through. let me hear ur thoughts!!!!

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    • Jeff: 1)anymore players on W/W(decent)? if you could list more for me that might help.2) What categories you need most of all? Just looking at your team I'd say assists,pts. TO's and possibly blocks are weaker than others! RB's steals and 3's are probably good.Just guessing. 2) If your playoffs are weeks 21-23 you might want to keep Hickson,Bosh,Nelson and Lillard plus Allen. All excellent schedules. 3) I'd use Iguodala,Nelson(injuries worry me but a great ROS schdeule,if he can stay healthy) or Boozer as trade bait. Not sure what Hawes would bring but he has a great schedule also. Might also be able to move marion but he's probably been more valauble to you than Iguodala.You'll probably have to package a 2 of yours for 1 real good player your looking for.Like Boozer/Iguodala and nelson for ? Deron's name and Boozer/Iguodala for ? might pull in a bigger player and you can hit w/w,with leftover roster spot, for another decent player to address your needs(or just stream weekly waiver players based on your needs as week goes on). I'd say Martin here would be good option but with Deron/Nelson hurting you might need his stats down the line as a safety measure(along with Allen). Could float martin and Iguodala/Boozer and see what happens.4) Jeff i'm not sure what you can get in return? I'm not one of these super experts that know's trade/player values for every player. If you could get back to me with 1)your weakest cat's and 2)decent players on w/w I can help more,OK. Hope to here from you and if not those are the players I'd try to trade and keep a good core of players for playoffs in weeks 21-23. Good luck.


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