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  • Christopher Christopher Mar 3, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Parker replacement

    Well with Parker done for four weeks, it pretty much means he is out for the rest of my fantasy season (my playoffs are weeks 21-23). However, now I need a scorer/assist replacement and the top two choices of note left in my league are Waiters and Isaiah Thomas. Both have been good recently but also consistent any thoughts on who might be the better replacement? Unfortunately no one can really replace Parker's scoring/assist/shooting percentage but I need to find a decent one if I still want a shot at winning my league (currently ranked 2nd in h2h). Other available PG/SG: Hinrich, Knight, Jordan Crawford, Billups, Sessions, and Devin Harris

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    • PS - be sure to check to make sure that their games help your playoff schedule. If Waiters schedule gives you more games, then it might be better to grab him

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      • To expand on adrian's answer above on playoff scheduling 1) Billups,J.Crawford I wouln't own Billups bad schedule and Crawford not alot of PT! 2)D.Harris and IT would be your best options. I'd recommend Harris(I'm considering adding him but.....) but the guy get's hurt so much and in and out of lineup(in alot right now) but Teague has just barely started turning around a horrible few weeks.Hawks have a superior schedule rest of way(I added Korver because of that) so if Harris can stay healthy he'll give you everything your looking for(I lost parker too and nobody can replace that)but he gives you 3's that Tony didn't and pretty good dimes man too. IT has very poor playoff schedule but he's pretty much locked in to good PT and has been producing. Hinrich no way,injured again and sessions not the PT he should get. Waiters is to up/down for me and I'd hate to lay my 2nd place position on his steadiness! I'd research a little more on Harris to see if he fits your needs( all a round cat's, also whether or not you want to take a chance on his injury status) and check IT too. Good luck to you !!!

    • I'd go for Thomas. He is locked in for solid minutes for the rest of the season, and he can contribute in more categories. Waiters will score more, but IT2 should help you in AST and STLS.


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