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  • R Kelly R Kelly Mar 2, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    My marriage depends on winning this league

    My wife will dump me if I dont bring home a big check
    Im currently in first, need assists
    Been offered
    Jarret Jack and Gortat
    for (I give up) Mathews and Chandler
    I think Jack is an upgrade, just dont know what to expect from gortat
    Should I do it?

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    • RK: I own Jack! Your correct about him being pretty good all season but in a mini slump right now. A couple of things to consider 1) Jack and gortat both have lousy playoff schedules. If your playoffs are weeks 21-23 like mine I'd avoid these 2! 2) If this is T.Chandler he has the best playoff schedule and matthews has 12 games also during weeks 21-23 which is max too.3) Gortat is so up/down if given the choice I'd much rather have T.Chandler. 4) You have someone on bottom of roster that you could trade/drop for an assists type player? Aim for a guy like JJ Barea,A.Burks(Utah),D.Harris,N.Robinson,Bayless,CJ Watson,E'Twan Moore someone like that. Let me know!


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