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  • Ryan Ryan Feb 26, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Jefferson, Gordon, Jordan for my Harden, Sanders

    Ok, I'm really looking for help here because I'm actually kind of torn. I've been dodging the person that proposed this trade because he keeps on trying to give away his DeAndre Jordan. I want nothing to do with Jordan because I know he sucks at free throws. So I told them that no deal was going to happen with them until they offer me a better big man, and quit offering jordan. I know jordan is still in this proposal, but it's the best he's proposed in a long time and I'm torn. He gives up Big Al, Eric Gordon and Jordan for my Sanders and Harden. I feel like I'm not getting enough in return, but I really want to pull the trigger and just dump jordan. What should I do?

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    • I think you should just stick to Harden and Sanders. Harden is a beast and an absolute stat-filler. Sanders is a nightly double-double threat and blocks a lot of shots too. Don't do this deal. I swear you'll be having nightmares if you do. Lol

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      • You're going to hate this but I accepted the trade, and somehow I feel eeriely confident that I can survive just fine. There's still a couple of big names on the FA list that I could pick up like Matthews to fill the gap should there become one. Would I like them back? Yeah, especially Sanders the way he blocks the ball. Jordan's out the window right away, no question about it. Gordon will probably be leaving my camp pretty soon too, and get replaced by matthews. I do my homework before I make a trade though, and after looking at the evalute trade button, both teams neither really gained or lost anything.


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