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  • Trading away Josh Smith/Jerryd Bayless for Paul Pierce/Derrick Favors. How did I do?

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    • Hey Jason! I'm hoping like you that favors is a benefactor of a jazz trade! Added him last week and praying hard. If he does get a starting gig I'd do this trade right away(if you can wait on trade until the 21st). Bayless is hitting the wall,as you know,and who knows if he'll overcome it. As soon as they got Prince I dropped him and was #$%$ when he went off for a week but not very much now. Only thing i can see you losing out of smith vs. pierce is the Blocks of smith. Other than that i'd rather have Pierce. Smith is too much of distraction to himself/team/management. Just another legend in his own mind like Dwight,DeronWilliams,Bosh etc. Pierce will be asked to do more for ROS and you can see his stats rising now after Rondo went down. Don't like him in reality but fantasy he's going to be good,at least in my opinion. Good luck


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