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  • Chuz Chuz Feb 17, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Any Advice for my team as i head into the stretch run wud be appreciated

    12 team H2H 9 cat private league among friends, trade deadline is next friday... currently destroying the field, im in first by 12 games over the next closest person, only lost 3 times all year and all 3 losses were only 5-4 however lately ive been noticing that my team is certainly vulnerable, im pretty much a lock each week to WIN FT%, 3's, assists, and steals... im always a lock to LOSE turnovers and usually blocks... that leaves FG%, Pts and Reb of which more often then not i win atleast 2/3 of those cats but there always close..... anyway, here is my roster, any advice would be appreciated, thx

    PG- Jeff Teague
    SG- Wes Matthews
    G- George Hill
    SF- Danny Granger
    PF- LeBron James
    F- Paul George
    C- Marc Gasol
    C- David Lee
    Util- Kyle Lowry
    Util- Andrea Bargnani

    Bench- Tyler Zeller, Sam Dalembert, Bizmack Biyombo and Mike Dunleavy

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    • Yeah you can't trade Geo. If I were you I'd clear out all your bench and go to the trash bin look for your stats and percentages. Trade Bargnani maybe someone will get excited about all his 3s he likes to take. Hurry Toronto has been displaying him for trade season. Good luck

    • Trade Paul George and Andrea for Howard... he will hurt ur ft% a lot but he will help u in rebs, and blocks... but u might wanna wait til Granger ges back

      or replace Paul wit Granger in that deal.... since ur friends wit the other owners convince them they need this trade and down talk Dwight how #$%$ he is on

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      • thats interesting advice but i cant trade paul george, he and lbj are my 2 players who mostly contribute in so many cats and keep my team glued together..... granger and bargs tho maybe, i guess i cud try...... i was actually even thinking of trying to maybe trade with the james harden owner, give him maybe gasol or lee since needs a big and throw in maybe granger or something, now id be punting rebs for sure but hes another glue guy that wud solidify me even more in alot of other cats


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