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  • Gabe Gabe Feb 17, 2013 5:27 AM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    PG: Kemba, Conley, Westbrook, Lowry
    SG: Wade, Manu
    SF: Melo, Pierce
    PF: Faried, ADavis, Zbo
    C: DLee, Chandler

    My league's been playing for 10 weeks already from week 7 to now. And here are my records in our 9 cat H2H league. Including this week... (the shortened one...)


    FG% 2-8-0
    FT% 2-8-0
    3PTM 5-3-2
    POINTS 8-2-0
    REBOUNDS 8-1-1
    ASSISTS 9-1-0
    STLS 9-1-0
    BLOCKS 5-5-0
    TURNOVERS 1-9-0

    Any players I should trade away or drop? And who are some players I can try aiming for? I'm currently 3rd place in the league, 6 1/2 games behind the leader and 1/2 game behind the 2nd placer. 1/2 game ahead of the 4th placer though. Had a rough All-Star shortened week.

    Notable FA's: Danny Green, Okafor, Kawhi Leonard, Bynum, Pau Gasol, Bradley Beal, Javale Mcgee, Derrick Favors, Jason Kidd, MKG, Billups

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    • Well Gabe it's been alot of fun going down the stretch with you the past weeks. Really proud of you for taking the chance to totally change alot of your team and make it all work. That's why I play to see if you can meet the challenge of building a solid team. Seems like you'll be very successful at doing that in the future. I'm a computer idiot with no desire to get into Facebook,e-mail and all that other stuff. So when basketball season rolls around again just post something on the general/who to start and I'll catch up with you there,OK man!.Been a whole lotta fun and good luck to you over there and may everything be good for you!!! David

    • Well team did just enough well for me to win 7-2!!!! Everyone contributed and i was kinda surprised to win by that but his team didn't really show up today. So I'm real happy right now. Looks like Favors,TT,Conley and to some degree Drummond showed up also for you. Saw Dirk did squat and although JR scored 20+ I don't think his FG% was that high. Be interested to see how you did. Should have won FT%,Rb's,steals and blocks so I hope you squeezed out 5-4!

    • I'm really super happy for you Gabe!!!!!!!! Big 3 came up LARGE today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 110 pts or so,5 blks. some steals,great FT%,good FG%,20+ RB's from Russell/Melo. Man it could'nt have gotton much better. Hope the rest of day goes as well. Some good Big Man FG%'s you could win that too.At least it will be close.

    • Looks like some of your Bigs had a good game,not JV though. Told you Drummond would come up LARGE,man. Had to roll with him for 2 days even with the poor FT(he was 1-2 tonight so that's great)!!! Let me know how you stand and your last moves OK! Guy I'm playing DID'NT pull away as JV,Rubio and several others did'nt have good nights and J.Smith sat. Bad news was so did Korver. So I'm down 2 RB's,12 dimes,4Blks and up 3- 3's. Need to really shoot for 2 but have a chance in all 4. This may sound stupid, after the above adulations,but thinking of adding drummond with 1 add and possibly R.Foye with other for his 3's and some dimes. Was hoping on news about J.Nelson cause he would be perfect for 3's/dimes(not to FG% reliable though)! Nothing yet and not to many other big/3's/assists options. If Harkless plays I might be fine but I'm up vs. Curry/K.Thompson/Udrih and M.James which could be alot of 3's/dimes. I have paul,Melo,Hayward,J.Green,Harkless and kyrie for 3's. Not sure if that's enough to pass muster if GS boys get hot again vs.Jazz and Udrih has been real good with 3's lately. RB's is going to be close as he has cousins,Zbo,R.Evans,Okafor and Splitter. I may have to go Drummond and another big for that or Foye and another 3's specialist if I can find one. 1) given those stats, behind/ahead: A) use foye and drummond B)go 2 Bigs or C) go 2 3's specialist?

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      • Yup, many double doubles in my team today! Which is always pleasant to have. West, Pek, JV, Okafor didn't do much for my Stls/Blks! But Jrue/Drummond came up big! So now I have a very good chance at winning... here's updated scoreboard.

        .459 .764 27 596 257 99 39 25 62
        .482 .718 50 657 228 150 38 27 70

        Good chance at solidifying lead or taking the lead in Pts, Stls, Blks, FT. Not so much FG and TO's.... because of my guys tomorrow which are... Conley, Westbrook, J Butler, Durant, Favors, Zbo, Drummond, Okafor, A Davis!

        versus these guys: Al jeff, Hayward, JR Smith, J Thompson, Dirk.

        So because of my many games, I doubt I'll win to's! So it's imperative that I win Pts/Blks/Stls and possibly FG or who knows maybe TO's. with this... should I: A) Get Ariza B) Get TThompson. C) Get B. Wright. Let me know please!

        As for your team, looking at it, I think you're better of getting Rebs/Blks maybe! So Foye and Drummond would be great. Or possibly, two bigs! I think that's the better choice. I think Melo will bring his A game again today against Durant/WB! (hoping for it!)

    • Okay, last decision! Added Favors already! It's either TT, Ariza, or B Wright! I need a good mix of FG/Stl/Blks! Big lead on Rebs already! Might lose out TO's though...

    • Okay, man! So Holiday only plays 4/6 so I decided to keep him. And hope that he steps up against a LBJ-DWadeless Miami Heat... I dropped D. Green (only plays 4/6 left) for D. West (4/6 also).. because D West gets more rebounds/more consistent FG. And then for 4/7, I'll just drop whoever doesn't play 4/7 for TT and one more guy! Ariza or Favors? Favors, right? Better reb/stl/blk/fg?

    • Gabe: I'm sorry man I screwed up. Butler play's 4/7,I'm real sorry there,man! 1) Keep Green for tommorrow then you can drop him for an add on 4/7 2) Nate,Brewer or Ariza would be good but adding ariza would mean dropping another player on 4/7 too. 2) Like McBob,West and Bismack for his blocks/RB's for 4/7. Sound better?

    • Butler doesn't pay 4/6! Holiday plays 4/6, not 4/7! Playing on 4/7? I'm not so sure who is, everyone on 4/7 is pretty good at stls/blks! Anyways, who to drop? I don't think his steals are THAT important because D West can get the same number....

    • Gabe you in the house, my man! Need to ask a few things! 1) Thinking of dropping Parker for a 2 for 1 player(just can't take the risk he sits(they play the hawks). Thinking i might as well get an extra game of cat's I can use. Possibilities: 1) M.Miller 4/5 and 4/7. With heat players out he'll play more PT---3's,Rb's,some dimes,FT% and possible blocks. 2) Take a chance on J.nelson? Says he could be ready for 4/5 and plays 4/7. 3's,dimes,FT%! Only problem I have here is if he doesn't play I've wasted 1 of my 3 adds/drops. 3)Korver 4/5 and 4/6. Need players for 4/6,3's,blocks potential,Rb's,FT%,FG% and some dimes. I would have to make move on Nelson/Korver/Miller tonight. Thoughts

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      • Hmm, I think Nelson might be your best bet! But Korver was hot last game! So... not sure! I think Korver and Miller are almost the same kind of player. But Nelson just came out of injury, so I'd roll with Miller or Korver maybe!!

      • Round 2! Big Man situation! Wright is good for 4/5 and 4/7 but all my bigs are playing then too. 1)Could drop wright for: 1)Okafor who plays 4/6 and 4/7. In my mind he might be my best option because he plays those days and can get some pts.,Rb's,blocks and not to bad on shooting %'s. 2) Butler,Mcbob,Drummond all will only be able to play 4/7 so those are my best adds for 4/7 only. So my best bet is to add Okafor ,roll with him for 4/6 and 4/7 and if I need another big for the 4/7 select 1 of the above. I will then still have 2 adds for 4/7 or 1 for the 4/6 and 1 for 4/7! Thoughts

    • No news reports as of 9:15 pm est! E.Brand is out tonight which means more PT for B.Wright so hopefully he can capitalize for me!

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