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  • Gabe Gabe Feb 17, 2013 5:27 AM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    PG: Kemba, Conley, Westbrook, Lowry
    SG: Wade, Manu
    SF: Melo, Pierce
    PF: Faried, ADavis, Zbo
    C: DLee, Chandler

    My league's been playing for 10 weeks already from week 7 to now. And here are my records in our 9 cat H2H league. Including this week... (the shortened one...)


    FG% 2-8-0
    FT% 2-8-0
    3PTM 5-3-2
    POINTS 8-2-0
    REBOUNDS 8-1-1
    ASSISTS 9-1-0
    STLS 9-1-0
    BLOCKS 5-5-0
    TURNOVERS 1-9-0

    Any players I should trade away or drop? And who are some players I can try aiming for? I'm currently 3rd place in the league, 6 1/2 games behind the leader and 1/2 game behind the 2nd placer. 1/2 game ahead of the 4th placer though. Had a rough All-Star shortened week.

    Notable FA's: Danny Green, Okafor, Kawhi Leonard, Bynum, Pau Gasol, Bradley Beal, Javale Mcgee, Derrick Favors, Jason Kidd, MKG, Billups

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    • I need advice here too -- if ever I will drop Manu... I have decided it will be for any of these guys...

      Bradley Beal, Eric Bledsoe, Jeff Green, Trevor Ariza, Gordon Hayward.


    • i dont think its a BAD trade... but he's not a blocking machine and ur giving away a lot of points for LBJ... but this trade might help ur fg% so check it out

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      • Gabe: I wrote you a detailed message on ZBO/Wade trade but I'm not sure it got accepted. So here's a cliffnote version with something relevent you might/might not know.1) relevent 1st. Miami and Memphis 2 of 6 teams with the absolute BEST PLAYOFF schedule in fantasy BB. This guy might be playing you,or not, by knowing that. Thought you should know that!!!! 2) Reassessing your roster with your players now you might be ok with 3's. Kemba looked good last night albeit vs. Magic. And you have alot of 3 pt. shooters. 3) I might be crazy, or a stupid fantasy player, but I'd have 2nd thoughts about giving up Wade! I own Paul and players like him,Harden,Durant LJ and even Kobe(when he put's his mind to it) are just all cat's kinda players. 4) ZBO vs. Bosh is a trade off, both with strengths/weaknesses. Bosh might give you a few more blocks whereas Zbo more RB's/better FG%. 5) Gabe I'd hold my players and maybe look at dropping Ginolbli for an average Big Man with blocks/steals potential. Favors(if trade gives him starting gig),Valanucius,J.O'Neal(look up his recent play),T.gibson(even with only 20 min.PT and especially if a Boozer trade happens. I'm grabbing him if that happens),etc. Just a suggestion you might want to explore without giving up pieces of your core group that's gotten you this far. I see it as "why give up what's a really good team for MAYBE imroving in one cat,possibly 2). Hope that makes sense,thanks for the guard input and get back to me!!

      • Wasn't able to push through. He values LBJ too much, but that's fine. I did the (receiving) Batum-Holiday-Pekovic for (giving) Kemba-Pierce-DLee. So I hope that helps my team. Thoughts?

      • And Manu's actually been pretty decent his past few games, so I might not actually drop him after all. But I'm thinking about it.

    • Really nice team! 1)with this roster I'd punt on TO's(unless your 1-9 but close most weeks to winning that cat). 2)as I see your team Manu and Kemba are the only 2 i'd consider dropping with Manu being #1. He's been hurt so much on/off and you know Spurs are going to rest him(DNP's or less PT) until playoffs. With your other 3 G's and Melo and pierce you've got alot of 3's,pts and FT%. Kemba is probably dropping your FG%,like melo & westbrook,but they're keepers. To win in playoffs you know only 5 cat's are needed so I'd concentrate on someone who can give you 3's,blocks and improve your FT and FG%'s and lessen TO's. I love leonard's upside with Spurs resting their big 3 alot plus S.Jackson's been injured some too. He can give you 3's,blocks,steals and shooting %'s. I missed adding him by a couple of hours 2 weeks ago and regret not adding sooner. He's just good across many cat's. 3) As for Walker he may be dropable for McGee,favors or okafur. I just added favors last week taking a chance that Jefferson/Milsap will be traded. If one is ,favors would be a must own for blocks,steals,RB's and good FG%(not too bad at FT%). Depends on whether you can wait until trade deadline or not. McGee has been coming on more lately but is in PT share with Koufus. But I would look up his game log and see what he's been doing lately where PT goes. Like Okafur but how long will Wizard's keep rolling him out there before giving their younger talent a look. I'd check his game log too to see how his recent PT has been going. Only other mentioned player I'd look at is D.Green who will definitely give you 3's but not much else. If you just want a 3's specialist only,with limited other cat's contributions,Green is your man. Hope this helped some and good luck!!!!

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      • u should package Melo,Manu and Wade for Lebron and a decent 3pt sg and a center high in blocks

      • 1) i pretty much have punted to's at this point because of westbrook, wade, etc. 2) right now, i'm trying to shop manu and see what i can get. i actually proposed a manu-zbo for jr smith-bosh deal and i hope it gets accepted. i've actually been kind of happy with the way kemba has been producing but he's not that consistent but has been a good source of stls and other stats for me. so should i drop manu for kawhi if i really can't trade him? 3) yeah i'm thinking of adding favors too, but it seems like i lose a bit of value there if i drop kemba for him. and i do already have 5 power forward-eligible players. Sadly, someone added Danny Green, so i can't get him anymore. Thanks!!!

    • Okay! Let me know! Only Wade/Green on my block as of now! Maybe Hawes/Holiday!

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      • I think I'll go with Wade to drop. Wade = injury. Or possibly A Davis/Hawes. Let me know! I need to add Harkless/JV! For days 5 and 7. Wade and Hawes are possible drop targets!

      • Also let me know about my D West situation!

        If the stats I want to win are: FG, FT, STLS, REBS, TO'S.
        With outside chance of: Blks, Pts.
        With an even smaller chance at: 3PT

        Guys I am keeping: Conley (FG, FT,STLS,PTS), KD/WB (duh), Zbo (FG, FT, PTS, REBS), Okafor (PTS, REBS,STL,BLK), Drummond (REBS, STL, BLK, FG), J Butler (Reb, Stls, %'s), Pekovic (Pts, Rebs, Stls/Blks possible)

        Well, not too sure about those info on top! Please give me a detailed opinion! I am worrying here, man! But I think I have a chance at winning, may it be small or even smaller!

    • OK Gabe here's the scoop! 1) Just read on ESPN site that Johnson didn't play tonight due to his injured heel.He's been playing thru it(like Batum) but it was so sore he couldn't play 3/12! Thompson has been playing well and starting to hit more double double's but so is Faried!!! Over last 15 day's Faried is rated at 5.7 and thompson at about 3.6! Big gap their,my man! Daily post on ESPN on Faried last night said he's playing with even more energy than start of season. If johnson was healthy I'd make this trade but even though beal is DTD he's going to be good on return. Seems like Beal and johnson are going in seperated directions(Beal getting closer and johnson maybe getting worse.) Johnson may have more DNP's down the line because Nets have playoffs locked up(sort of a manu,Duncan situation in SA). can't seem to get past beals 12 playoff games.Denver goes 4-3-3. Not sure about Net's but Cleveland's isn't good,I think. You could look that up! My gut reaction,Gabe,is to stay the course and forget trade!!! only problem is the unknown factor of johnson/Beal's injuries. Beal was seen shooting at the shootaround 3/12 am. So he may be closer. That's my best opinion,Gabe. 2)I'd try to snag T.Harris before he's gone!!! With your updated roster maybe we can figure out how to get him,OK. Get back to me! PS: Pek not playing 3/13 but getting there so hang tough!

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      • Gabe: 1)J.Johnson not playing again until 3/17! As i wrote last night his heel injury worries me alot. Might see more of the DNP's with Nets getting him ready for playoffs.2) Beal still,as of this am(3/13), DTD but inching closer to return.3)Pek out 3/13 and still a ? for this weekend but doing fine so far. 4)I'd worry some about batum but as long as he's playing he'll still be real good in 5-6 cat's for you! 5) Still like the T.Harris addidtion as a backup for Batum's/Zbo cat's if they receive some lower PT time(probably not for batum but Zbo sat a little longer last night but it was also his 1st game back too). send me your updated roster and as I said last night maybe can find a place on roster for him. ESPN wrote a small article on his potential this am! Get back to me with any new news and roster! Have a good one!

      • I read that he'll be back in action against Atlanta! So I hope he'll get better. I actually took it already... sadly. It sucked to give up Faried though! But I'm hoping Joe is healthy and Tristan is able to match Faried's production! I actually checked out my schedule, and it looks like I have a lot of "wasted" games... I'm not sure, but I think Joe will play because I think the Nets will try and get homecourt advantage for the playoffs. Cleveland goes 3-3-4. This trade also helps me position-wise. Because with Beal, I had 6 players who could only play GUARD positions. So assuming they all have games, I would have to bench one of them automatically because there are only 5 spots a GUARD ONLY can be in. And with the Durant/West deal, I am losing a center, so Tristan T. helps me with that! His owner promised me that he'd accept, but after Chandler's injury, I'm not too sure anymore... But this guy's pretty legit, so I hope he sticks to his word.

    • Gabe: I'm sorry man I screwed up. Butler play's 4/7,I'm real sorry there,man! 1) Keep Green for tommorrow then you can drop him for an add on 4/7 2) Nate,Brewer or Ariza would be good but adding ariza would mean dropping another player on 4/7 too. 2) Like McBob,West and Bismack for his blocks/RB's for 4/7. Sound better?

    • Gabe you in the house, my man! Need to ask a few things! 1) Thinking of dropping Parker for a 2 for 1 player(just can't take the risk he sits(they play the hawks). Thinking i might as well get an extra game of cat's I can use. Possibilities: 1) M.Miller 4/5 and 4/7. With heat players out he'll play more PT---3's,Rb's,some dimes,FT% and possible blocks. 2) Take a chance on J.nelson? Says he could be ready for 4/5 and plays 4/7. 3's,dimes,FT%! Only problem I have here is if he doesn't play I've wasted 1 of my 3 adds/drops. 3)Korver 4/5 and 4/6. Need players for 4/6,3's,blocks potential,Rb's,FT%,FG% and some dimes. I would have to make move on Nelson/Korver/Miller tonight. Thoughts

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      • Round 2! Big Man situation! Wright is good for 4/5 and 4/7 but all my bigs are playing then too. 1)Could drop wright for: 1)Okafor who plays 4/6 and 4/7. In my mind he might be my best option because he plays those days and can get some pts.,Rb's,blocks and not to bad on shooting %'s. 2) Butler,Mcbob,Drummond all will only be able to play 4/7 so those are my best adds for 4/7 only. So my best bet is to add Okafor ,roll with him for 4/6 and 4/7 and if I need another big for the 4/7 select 1 of the above. I will then still have 2 adds for 4/7 or 1 for the 4/6 and 1 for 4/7! Thoughts

      • Hmm, I think Nelson might be your best bet! But Korver was hot last game! So... not sure! I think Korver and Miller are almost the same kind of player. But Nelson just came out of injury, so I'd roll with Miller or Korver maybe!!

    • how this thread had 107 replies?

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      • Ran-D: We've just been discussing roster's,trades,player's,schedules and playoffs for a few weeks now! Just like you and i have this week,giving each other advice/opinions. You want to jump in your welcome. As i told Gabe I had to retire early due to back/hip injuries,I can't play my real sports anymore like golf,running,softball,BBall,etc. so I'm getting my competitiveness out in fantasy now. Not hardcore but competitive fun,let's say. Have time to research now and try to make better decisions. So been helping Gabe with his team some. Hope that explains why we've been posting alot! It's been mutual fun and exchange of ideas.

      • Me and David just discussed a lot here, and he really helped me out! Gave me tons of advice over the past month. Really great guy.

    • Also Pekonator out today and still in pain! Sucks but hopefully a little more rest will get him back soon.

    • No news reports as of 9:15 pm est! E.Brand is out tonight which means more PT for B.Wright so hopefully he can capitalize for me!

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