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  • Gabe Gabe Apr 4, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    Okay! Let me know! Only Wade/Green on my block as of now! Maybe Hawes/Holiday!

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    • I think I'll go with Wade to drop. Wade = injury. Or possibly A Davis/Hawes. Let me know! I need to add Harkless/JV! For days 5 and 7. Wade and Hawes are possible drop targets!

    • Also let me know about my D West situation!

      If the stats I want to win are: FG, FT, STLS, REBS, TO'S.
      With outside chance of: Blks, Pts.
      With an even smaller chance at: 3PT

      Guys I am keeping: Conley (FG, FT,STLS,PTS), KD/WB (duh), Zbo (FG, FT, PTS, REBS), Okafor (PTS, REBS,STL,BLK), Drummond (REBS, STL, BLK, FG), J Butler (Reb, Stls, %'s), Pekovic (Pts, Rebs, Stls/Blks possible)

      Well, not too sure about those info on top! Please give me a detailed opinion! I am worrying here, man! But I think I have a chance at winning, may it be small or even smaller!


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