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  • Gabe Gabe Apr 4, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    Who to drop for JV? Wade?

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    • Gabe: Let me check for new updates. I just got online and answered your post 1st so don't know status/word on anyone.

    • OK Gabe! 1)belinelli/noah out today 2)lebron/Chalmers/R.Allen/and drum roll --D.Wade out for friday!!!!!! This is Rose all over again and i,myself,would drop Wade for JV's 2 more games. Will definitely give you a more than decent chance at blocks. Still an FA,that's a SHOCKER to me!! 2)With West back in and good PT you think you might want to drop Drummond for him? Just read article that said Hawes has been a first round value player for last month so he might be a keeper. I don't know if i made the right move or not but I dropped drummond for B.Wright last night and will try to drop Wright for Okafor tonight. My opponent has Evans,M.James and boozer going today so I couldn't fall that far behind. I'm leading 6-3 but dimes,3's,TO's,RB's and Blocks are up for grabs. I only have T.Parker/Wright today but it's my only bad day of week.