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  • Gabe Gabe Mar 27, 2013 11:25 PM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    it's for Sunday against the Heat! Nets don't play till Wednesday! (Last game played: Saturday) So the Spurs will play Sunday-Monday, and Nets don't play!

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    • Not sure what i should do about Amir though! Raptors have 4 games next week and 2 more this week. Amir usually plays thru stuff but given that this is the idiot raptors he probably won't play friday(don't expect him to anyhow) and might sit sunday too. Won't need him friday with packed day but Sunday i might. It's gonna be close thru the whole week! We might have to discuss this Sat after i see what the word is! May get something before that on him!

    • I guess I could say I messed up tonight. It's 5-4,I'm winning. I concentrated on steals blks dimes and 3's so I sat pek put Amir Johnson in ,sat Korver and used Lowry and sat P.Gasol. Well Gasol and Pek went off(sat pek vs, Howard). Both double-doubled,each had 2 steals and pek a block and Gasol 2. good FG% too. Amir got hurt 2nd quarter with bad leg contusion(we might have to talk about that here) was 7 and 5 and looking good even with that fool Gay playing. Lowry only scored 3pts. but 7 RB's,10 dimes and a steal while Korver was 3 for 9 3's,a few RB's but 2 steals. So that was pretty even. Sanders did well but no blocks so maybe he storing them up for tommorrow. I'm 5 behind there as it's usually one of my best cat's. Rest of my guy's did their thing so I'm up big in RB's,assists,3's,pts by 60 and barely in steals. Only problem with the extra players on off days is TO's. accumulate more of them.

    • I think I read something today that the nets were getting concerned about Joe! Might be a good move although you might want to check out Green's stats. Good at 3's for sure but might be weak in some overall cat's. Gasol surprised everyone playing today. memphis might be protecting their seed now!


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