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  • Gabe Gabe Mar 18, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    Yup! Really happy with Pek's stats after coming back from injury. Aww, that sucks.. woulda been a great add to your team. But yes, his neck might have been botherin him... I hope T. Parker comes back in time! Also Pau! Harkless seems good, so I am also considering him as a replacement for Lowry. I am really disappointed in Lowry.... Korver is doing well, so that's good! And Jack's good as well! But just do what you think is better for your team, tough call to make on my part..

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    • Gabe: Sorry,didn't see other post! Just seeking your input and i'll make the tough calls! After seeing several of my playoff opponents with 50 3's,175 dimes, 80's FT% and good steals,for last month,it's hard to compete with them having 8-10 guards/SF's. So you can see why I'm kinda aiming "Big Man" here! If i can upgrade FG%,FT%,blocks,steals,RB's and less TO's that's the 5 cat's needed. By already adding hayward/Korver and possibly Harkness plus the return of melo/with paul/J.Green I can at least compete some in 3's,especially with extra games. Jack would fit with offense but he's lacking in steals,blks,Rb's and does TO alot. If you think McRoberts might be safer than Pau,with even 7 games between them,he also has 3's potential that he has shown with Magic/Bobcat's this year! he's been awesome the past 3 games,starting at PF,in 6-7 cat's. Big chance there but when you look at it so is Pau!


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