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  • Gabe Gabe Feb 21, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    BREAKING NEWS: Someone just offered to give me:


    and I'll give him:



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    • Gabe: Now this is more like it for a trade. The Faried/Zbo trade wasn't bad but I think you'd be losing more RB's and I hate the thought of losing Faried(just love that guy's all out motor. Makes alot of good things happen for himself/teammate). Lee and kemba 's teams are on the list of worst records remaining (GS on worst playoff record list). Chandler on best in both cases. Pek and Holiday on best of both too. I own Pek and he's very steady. Good FG%,above avg.FT%,RB's,some blocks and steals too. Holiday,as you know an All star,so nothing needs to be said about him.Asik RB's/Blocks,FG% and some pts. too. I worry about Batum's wrist(FG% has been down) but can't deny what kind of all around player he is. Gabe the way I see it is: Pierce vs. Batum-even,Holiday way over kemba,Pek vs. Lee fairly even but Pek get's more blks. & steals and then asik vs. Chandler. Haven't watched Asik very much and he and chandler play opposite type offenses( Hous highoctane and knick half court). I'd say this is about even but I'd check their blks,FT% and TO's before making a move. 1) Word out last night that Wolves would like to move Pek(due to upcoming contract) but nothing yet and Pierce can be moved(not likely) for right offer. 2) Your getting more Blks. and 3's without sacrificing RB's.Points will be about even. Best of all you get 2 players with best playoff schedule while losing only Chandler's. Looks good to me and if you have time to looks up those stats on Asik vs. Chandler i'd do that before pushing the GO button. Good luck,man! Let me know,OK!

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      • Gabe: Sorry my first message didn't go thru! Only concern I have with trade is whether the Big Man part of it will be fine for you. Pek has very few off nights,Asik & Chandler are who they are,Lee will have big nights like last night but usually steady. Batum and Holiday I really like. 1)Schedule favors doing the trade while only losing Chandler's good schedule. Plus your keeping ZBO's great schedule too(know he's not involved here but it's an added bonus down the line). 2) If you have any concerns about Lee,Kemba or Pek stats down the line,any at all,you might want to trust your gut and not trade. That gut has got you to the top thus far so rely on it too. 3)Like I said schedule favors trade so you must factor that in too.4) I missed something in your original post about Beal and Leonard being FA's. Are they still? If so you could add one to improve your 3's while dropping Ginobli(who looked very good too last night. Will have alot of those nights,between DNP's and avg. PT,but has a weak playoff schedule. If they are you could possibly hold what you have while adding one of those. Sorry to gum up the works here but I completely missed that initially. 5) Just weigh the Big Man situation and see if it's not going to hurt to much and also consider the playoff schedule moving forward. Trade is fair but use your gut on what you think will be best for playoffs,that's the most important part. Either way you'll be strong,you already are!!! Good luck and let me know how it goes or you have another question before doing deal!!!! David

      • Gabe: Back at it,huh! By the way are you in West or Mount. time zone? I'm in Fla. but your mail comes in early in AM. 1) Last I heard on Beal was day to day. I just lost T.Parker who's 4 weeks,so I dropped him. Been scrambling last 2 day's figuring out what to do next. Lost his FG%,FT%,dimes,scoring and a little extra. With Pek down too I'm equally #$%$ and somewhat worried here. Plus E.Clark has taken a nose dive last 4 games and jack is been doing a clark impression his last 2-3 games. I'm tied for first and 7 games up on 3rd & 4th place but face 3rd place this week. Have last place team in next week's final regular season match. So I'm trying to pull out 3-4 cat's this week to preserve bye. Gonna be tough because this team is one of the 3 teams at top that's going with the 8-9 G/SF roster's to try to grab 5 cat's in playoffs. 2)I'd hold on Pek and hope he's ready by playoffs. I've come this far with him and that juicy schedule, so I'm not baling yet. 3)Not sure about Beal's situation. Ginobli is attractive and doing well but playoff schedule is a downer. If your not jepordizing your playoff position by holding beal I'd keep him! If your still fighting for a top spot you might need Manu if beal is a 2 week out deal. If I hear anymore today I'll get back to you. 4) Zbo and manimal vs. Bosh and Illyasova. You seem fond of bosh so this trade should be fine. Going to take a hit in RB's but Illy and bosh can give you more 3's plus some RB's and Bosh's blks. Your getting 2 good playoff players and losing Zbo's great schedule. Seems like a pretty good trade and zbo's now got that ankle issue so who knows if it'll bother him down the line also. I'll let you know on Beal if i hear anything,OK! By the way I added korver and looking at replacing Clark with either Harkness/M.Webster.

      • Although Lee's been amazing this year, I do have to agree about the worst schedule. The nuggets along with the thunder also have the worst playoff schedules, so I'm kind of worrying a bit about that. Holiday, Pek and Batum are all great. But I'm also kind of worried about Batum's wrist as well. Right now, I kind of prefer Pierce because Batum has been struggling, so that's a small risk, but I'm willing to takt it. Holiday way over Kemba, yes. I prefer Lee over Pek, 'cause he usually gets around 4 to 5 assists, which is really helpful at a PF/C position. The Asik-Chandler part of the deal is actually removable if I want. Should I keep Chandler instead? Their stats for the season: BLKS: Asik and Chandler are both 1.1. FT%: Asik is 55.9% and Chandler is 68.6%. TO'S: Asik is 2.3 and Chandler is 1.3. They get equal amount of pts/rebs anyways. So I guess keep Chandler? Past 30 days, Chandler has also been better. Anyways, nobody got traded, at least anyone worth owning in a 10-team fantasy league except Redick. So the trade deadline didn't affect anything. Kemba actually blocks a lot of shots (for a PG) but yes, I do think I did get more blks/3's. I feel like I lose points tho, but hopefully you're right and that it is even. Thanks man! I'm very close to closing this potentially awesome deal!

        Without Chandler-Asik, it'd be Kemba-Pierce-Lee for Batum-Holiday-Pek. (just clearing things up)


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