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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 20, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    Gabe: I wrote you a detailed message on ZBO/Wade trade but I'm not sure it got accepted. So here's a cliffnote version with something relevent you might/might not know.1) relevent 1st. Miami and Memphis 2 of 6 teams with the absolute BEST PLAYOFF schedule in fantasy BB. This guy might be playing you,or not, by knowing that. Thought you should know that!!!! 2) Reassessing your roster with your players now you might be ok with 3's. Kemba looked good last night albeit vs. Magic. And you have alot of 3 pt. shooters. 3) I might be crazy, or a stupid fantasy player, but I'd have 2nd thoughts about giving up Wade! I own Paul and players like him,Harden,Durant LJ and even Kobe(when he put's his mind to it) are just all cat's kinda players. 4) ZBO vs. Bosh is a trade off, both with strengths/weaknesses. Bosh might give you a few more blocks whereas Zbo more RB's/better FG%. 5) Gabe I'd hold my players and maybe look at dropping Ginolbli for an average Big Man with blocks/steals potential. Favors(if trade gives him starting gig),Valanucius,J.O'Neal(look up his recent play),T.gibson(even with only 20 min.PT and especially if a Boozer trade happens. I'm grabbing him if that happens),etc. Just a suggestion you might want to explore without giving up pieces of your core group that's gotten you this far. I see it as "why give up what's a really good team for MAYBE imroving in one cat,possibly 2). Hope that makes sense,thanks for the guard input and get back to me!!


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