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  • Gabe Gabe Feb 20, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    Whoa, it's good knowing people like you still exist in this world. :) Anyways, I don't think that Ibaka/OJ deal would push through, though I would love it if it did. Thanks for all the input. I'm really interested in Mayo because he's been the Mavs 1st option as Dirk isn't fully 100% yet. But even with Dirk, that helps OJ's assists. So back to the Zbo-Manu for JR-Bosh deal. He counter-offered me with me giving him WADE-ZBO and getting RUDYGAY-BOSH. It seems like an decent deal, but I can't give Wade up because I only have 2 SG-eligible players and it seems like I'm giving a bit too much up.

    Here's his roster: Teague, Lin, Al Jeff, Brook, Redick, Ilyasova, Gay, Bosh, Josh Smith, Dirk, Gerald Wallace, Granger, JR Smith.


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    • Gabe: Sorry to respond late but I have my daughter & Granddaughter here and i don't see them alot so i got busy. 1) Like i said this trade is very fair 2) Your right Kemba is getting warm now and those are stats Lee puts up occassionally but he's steady and Pek had an off night but alot of that had to do with OKC's big men. 3)Pierce got a stinger last night and he had it earlier in season too while Batum looked really good last night. 4) Asik and chandler are who they are 5)Only difference maker in this trade is PEK and Holiday but have super playoff schedule's along with Chandler. 6) Ginobli looked good too and may have DNP's and lower PT's down the line but those are the types of games he'll have. 7) earlier when you mentioned FA's you said Leonard & Beal were available.Are they still? Because I would have grabbed either over Ginobli. That's my mistake. If so you could keep what you have and add one of those instead to fit your needs. 8) My opinion is the trade is fair, with my only concern being will the Big Men side of it hurt your team at all. Batum/Holiday I like alot. It just comes down,as I said,to the playoff schedule part of it. You'll have more players available during that part of season. Either way you'll still be good for playoff's but will trade make you better. Tough decision and all I can say is you got this far by trusting your gut and it's worked out well. If you have any concerns about PEK,KEMBA or LEE let that be your determining factor plus schedule. Good luck and let me know your decision!

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      • Oh, I understand, it's alright. Will Love who is returning Mid-March affect Pek's production? I'm kinda worried about that come playoff time... And again, Chandler-Asik has been removed from the deal. I'm really pushing for this because of the favorable playoff schedules (more games) I will get with this trade. But I'm also worried I'm giving a bit too much... Leonard has been taken, but Beal's still there. So I drop Manu for him, you think? I think I'd rather have a 4 game Pek over a 3 game Lee every week, right? (in the playoffs but rosters are changed daily anyways) Another thing... I saw that Pekovic only averages 0.8 blks a game? I thought he averaged more, but anyways, I think I'll accept...


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