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  • Gabe Gabe Feb 21, 2013 6:41 AM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    Yeah, that was a good move on your part. In my league, Bledsoe is actually now a free agent! Will wait and see how if the Clips will make any move. He might be the one I'll add for Manu. I'm very aware of the Playoff schedules, the Knicks have the best along with the Wolves, which is why I wanted to aim for JR Smith too. Which is why I'm skeptical about the deal. Rudy Gay takes too many shots in my opinion, but I have a feeling his FG will go up as time goes by. So yes, I'm on your side here as well. Wade is too much to give up for Rudy Gay. I actually prefer Bosh over Zbo, but recently, Zbo's been great! His shooting has been a bit off, but he just got 17 pts, 18 rebs today! Thanks for your opinion. The next deal I'm going to counter is probably Faried/Zbo for JR Smith/Bosh I think. I'm very deep in the PG and PF positions with 5 eligible players in each position. He actually offered me a JR-Faried deal a few weeks ago. So what do you think?


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