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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 19, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Urgent help needed!

    By the way if you could express your opinionon this I'd appreciate the advice! I've been using Bledsoe and N.Robinson as temporary adds until Paul was healthy and Rose/Hinrich situation worked itself out for Bulls. Paul is back seemingly healthy but I'm holding Bledsoe to see how trade deadline will go. Don't think he'll go anywhere but if Idrop him now I know somehow he'll be traded,that's my usual luck. FA's are: Hayward(slightly injured and only 28 games left),J.Green(30 games left),N.Young(31 games left)? I'll be needing in order blocks,3's,FT% and steals to replace bledsoe's cat's. I've been told J.Green fits my needs the most ! Plus he'll be seeing alot of PT but so will N.Young but he's more of a steals,3's decent FT% type of player. Really like Hayward,and he's ready to come back plus he good across all stats,but I worry about his injury and he has 2-3 less games than the other 2. Thoughts on that? On Nate just read, while looking up your stats, than Hinrich will move back to PG and nate to bench. Going to see how PT play's out,as Bulls have 4 games this week, then make a move. Sort of a catch-22 here because hinrich is so injury prone and Nate is not as potent off the bench. Any thought on holding/dropping Nate would be a help. Thanks

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    • Jeff Green has been great as of late. And I think he'll get a lot of PT, as you said. So I'd go with him. Hayward's back and he did pretty well yesterday, so I'd look at his progress. The Clippers have the least number of games (26), but yes if they move Bledsoe to a team lacking a good PG like Boston, then he'll definitely be a good fantasy player there as he'll see more PT. But if he doesn't get traded, I guess Hayward or Young are both quite good replacements. I hope this helps.

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      • Gabe: First thanks for the guard input! I dropped N.Robinson last night for Green. Wanted to see how hinrich's return affected Nate. Might have waited another game or 2,and not rush, to see if Nate's PT leveled out and get a better idea but he played like18 min. and did nothing. Plus the up/down rumor's of rose returning is now he looked good yesterday and may return soon. Just to much DRAMA for me to sit and wait around on. Going to see how Bledsoe situation goes the next 2 days them opt for N.Young or G.Henderson and maybe even another Big Man! Now there saying JJ Hickson(I own him) may get traded and i'm still waiting on favors scenario to unfold. So my team could go to really good or really in a mess in the next couple of days. Again thanks for the input!!! 2) Your trade!!! I forgot something yesterday,that I saw, but it seems more relevent now with this guy wanting ZBO/WADE. Both Heat and Grizzlies are 2 of 6 teams that have the BEST PLAYOFF schedule for fantasy,well over everybody else!!!!! Now this guy might be a really savvy and sneaky player who knows this playoff schedule or maybe not. He wants to get rid of Bosh. My outlook on Bosh(forgetting he thinks he's hall of fame material already after 1 championship ring. I don't like the guy,Gabe) He's fairly good at steals,shooting % and points and blocks some shots. For his size and position he sucks as a rebounder(Lebron & Wade probably grab more RB's). He get's the occassional double-double(usually RB's vs. an inferior opp.) and no dimes. ZBO is a double-double machine, as you know, shooting %'s aren't bad at all and only real drawback is blocks/steals. I know your trying to increase blocks/3's cat's. Bosh for Zbo might equal out although I think zbo is a better FG% guy. Both have their strengths with Bosh MAYBE being a little better blocks guy(which is one thing you need). Wade to me is the key here! Man,I don't know what to tell you here! If it was me, Wade is just an all cat's kind of player like Paul(minus RB's),Harden,Durant and Kobe(when he set's his mind to it). I own Paul and one day he might get 10 pts. on 3-6 shooting but he's 4-4 FT or 12 pts. on 3 for 5 3's and 3-3 FT with 15 dimes,3 steals and 2 blocks. Guy is amazing. I look at Wade that way too. He has small ups/downs but the guy can produce in so many ways,as you know. My position is these kind of guys are not replacable. Maybe I'm wrong,crazy or a stupid fantasy player but I'd hold him in this trade scenario. He'll get his 3's because he shoots them enough(maybe less for a game or 2 while LJ takes over but it evens out as games go on and he needs to shoot them).


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